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Dear Valuable Reader,
Have you ever wondered which currencies receive the most trading action? The data for the following chart comes from a survey done every three years by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
Note that trading volume adds up to 200%, because each currency trade has a pairing.
The Chinese Yuan is now the 8th most traded currency in the world, for a total share of 4.0%.
That means its share has doubled since the 2013 BIS report:
But what is bitcoin’s trading volume like, relative to other currencies?
Bitcoin: In the last 30 days, about $3 billion of bitcoin has been traded, which averages out to $100 million per day.

Other Currencies:
The total amount of forex transactions per day is $5.1 trillion. The estimated daily turnover of just the Chinese yuan is $202 billion per day.
That means that the yuan has approximately 2,000x the volume traded of bitcoin, while total forex is 51,000x the size. In other words, bitcoin has a way to go to become one of the world’s most traded currencies.
Almost the traders in the world are trading now EUR/USD , which came in the 1st rank in 2016 for the most traded pair, by which reflects that it is the most volume of money fl…
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Although there are many factors affecting the value of currency for a given country relative to others, there are still the same fundamental laws of economics of supply and demand that can be applied to this asset class. If the demand for a given currency increases this implies its value will go higher thus increasing its price relative to other currencies. The opposite is true if there is too much supply of currency of a given country in its economy. These are just a few variables that affect FX rates by no means this is an exhaustive list:
- Each countries’ level of Gold in Reserve
- The amounts of the Imports coming in and the Exports going out of the country
- The level and amounts of foreign investment that the country receives
- The inflation levels in the economy
- The amount of the public debt
- Political stability and governmental policy
- Interest rates imposed by the Central bank in the particular country
- Current Account deficit that the country runs in other terms the balance of payments
- Unemployment rates
On the basis of changes in a number of these factors we see how the US dollar has appreciated against the Swiss Franc or alternatively said the Swiss Franc has b…
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Every currency in the Forex market is influenced by a number of domestic macroeconomic indicators of their country, as well as the impact of the global market in General. Economic indicators (GDP growth, indicators of export-import trade), social factors (unemployment rate, the state of the property market) and the state policy of the Central Bank, each of these parameters determines the value of a certain currency on the foreign exchange market. Each of the 6 major currencies has its particularities, and in this article we will discuss the main factors that affect each currency separately.
United States dollar (USD) is the most commonly traded currency in the Forex market. It is also used as a measure of the cost of other currencies and commodities. USD dominates foreign reserves among all countries in the world – in the currency persists for approximately 64% of the world reserves. In a broad sense, the U.S. dollar is affected by several fundamental factors. As the prices of the vast majority of the metals and grades of oil are set in USD, significant changes in supply / demand on these markets are immediately reflected on the value of the currency. That is what happened in 2008…
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Today’s session is expected to be uneventful with bank holidays in France, Germany and Switzerland and no significant economic data due until Empire State Manufacturing Index during the NY session. As always on Mondays I prepared the currency update so you can familiarize with the situation in the markets.
Currency Update
USD: NFP for April missed on the headline figure at 160k vs 202k expected. However, Average Hourly Earnings came in as expected at a solid 0.3% rise for the month, which bodes well for the inflation picture and prompted some upside in the USD post release. The Fed’s April 27 statement failed to provide any further clarity on when the Bank may raise rates. There was no indication in the statement that a rate hike is likely in June, with Fed fund futures pricing a less than 20% chance of a hike at that meeting. CPI for March slightly missed estimates with Core dropping to 2.2% y/y from a prior of 2.3% and for the month, missing estimates at 0.1% versus 0.2% expected.
EUR: Flash GDP for Q1 missed expectations at 0.5% q/q versus expectations of 0.6%, and at 1.5% y/y versus expectations of 1.6%. Inflation data for April has pushed the Eurozone back into deflation. CPI …
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The currency pair USD / CHF on Jforex chart Daily and 4H charts are used for analyzing forex markets.Thus, when trading Forex on the daily chart there is a real risk of large losses, but on the other hand - a good opportunity to capitalize on intraday fluctuations . If we are talking about the daily charts, the most unmistakable signals here are systems based on a moving average. As an example, consider the four-hour chart, on which classical engineering models are better seen than on the daily chart. In addition, the use of candles well shows the major reversal patterns, such as hangman, hammer, etc. As an individual model can be restricted to species doji. Fairly good results are obtained with the use of trade Fibonacci levels. By the way, the system, which are based on penetration levels, determined by the grid or the Fibonacci numbers, on the Limits of the Trade channel or just on a psychological basis, very good work in CHF due to the volatility of the currency.At this time interval can trade with Parabolic System: it is necessary to trade along the trend prevailing on the daily chart or 4H chart. Trading on the hour, half hour and quarter-graphs requires careful attention i…
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I am going to cover some medium term Technical Analysis for some of the Major pairs in this article. Please remember that these ideas are not 100% sure and that there are inherent risks in Forex.EUR/USD:The Euro - Dollar Exchange rate has been stuck in a range of 1.30 to 1.35 since January. The Daily chart has formed a neat Head & Shoulders formation as seen in the chart below. It has a height of nearly 500 pips, and a break below 1.300 could expose 1.25 via the H&S. At the moment EURUSD is trading pretty much at its 100DMA and a breakout is expected.In the Short term 1.3000/30 is strong support which will need a big, volume carried move to break. Not only is it the neckline of the large H&S it is the 23.6% Fib from the 1.4250 October 11 High to 1.2620 Jan 12 Low.On the daily, I recommend a "sell limit" at 1.2999 with a Take profit order around the previous swing low at 1.2650. A stop loss order around 1.3150 gives you nearly a 1:2 risk:reward ratio.The 4 Hour Chart shows more bearish potential with the formation of a bear flag. the flag pole is around 340 pips long showing a break of 1.3030 could expose the 100% Fibonacci expansion at 1.2861.With both of these charts, the aforemen…
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All of the calls from friday have worked with risk/jpy pairs off 100+ pips. AUDUSD down hard and USD bounced of the trendline. Perfect!

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EURUSD - 25/04/12 - EURUSD has been affected by many risk events today from poor German bond issuance and core durable goods undershooting, while technically we are 20 pips higher than yesterday's close but in essence today has been neutral espeically after Ben hints a more dovish tone and that was USD negative.

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USDCHF - 25/04/12 - I hoped by now that the EURCHF pair would have moved but as it hasn't the USDCHF is inversly correlated to EURUSD in todays moves.

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AUDUSD - 25/04/12 - Aussie has been quite strong today up 50 pips in a day with range of 57 pips. Far short of ATR but crucially, thanks to beat $AAPL beat on earnings, it broke above an hourly downtrend line.

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USDJPY - 25/04/12 - Ending broadly the same as open but experience some volatility once FOMC data and Ben spoke, Mainly driven by US credit risk, but is resting on a daily down trend and hasn't shown enough power to break above and may sink towards 81.00 again.

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EURCHF is one of the unique pairs. It's action is always interesting and regular analysis not always works on this pair. It's because Switzerland doesn't want strong Frank. Why is that? Because they export a lot and weak currency compared to others, means that products are cheaper. And we all like to buy cheaper products. So from time to time SNB (Swiss National Bank) intervenes (sells a lot of Franks, so weakens it). This is the reason why it's hard to trade on regular technical analysis. Also sometimes it's enough for rumors about intervention to come out and everybody starts to sell CHF.  Obvious and recent intervention happened at 2011 Septemper 6th. That day EURCHF pair moved ~1000 pips. Yes yes - 1000 pips in one direction and in several hours. 1 hour chart below (links to the full-sized images are listed in the end of this article).There's also a very unique thing about this pair - SNB said that bottom for this pair will be 1.2000 and they will do everything to defend this level. I do not remember any currency pair to have a bottom. It's a very big advantage, we should use in our favor. Besides, rumors are that they will set a new bottom - 1.3000. But this is not confirmed, …
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Nice Trading approach, good luck for this article, and for the trade if you enter on it...

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Good article. But now euro/frank looks in sooo downtrend! Do you think SNB will intervene again? I would be afraid to long now.

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Thanks LinnuxFX. Jonas - I know that longing eurchf doesn't look good now. But I think we'll get a good trade soon. I will long at 1.2230, 1.2130 and if needed at 1.2030.

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Besides there's eurchf chart - http://twitpic.com/7jba74/full
I think a nice entry level forming. But we need euro strength.

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Visit my article & give me your feedback.

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Trading the Forex market can be a fun and enjoyable, exciting activity that gives you a good adrenaline rush trying to battle the market everyday. Volatile movements and unpredictable reactions to news events can make trading this market the best thing in the world. But from what I have seen over the years, day traders who try to do this everyday will always struggle compared to long term traders who will be laughing all the way to the bank-every time.   Short-term targets, which I have come to realize are nothing more than low-hanging fruit, are nice to get after doing your analysis and seeing the market move to your target after several hours of patience and perseverance. But because of the cost of your average trade, the limited range of the daily movements and a number of other market and real life factors, day trading might really turn out to be nothing more than an enjoyable hobby. Short-term, day traders essentially try to predict the daily movements of currencies during peak trading hours, while long-term traders, attempt to capture the weekly (swing) and monthly ranges. Using the most popular and liquid currencies in the market, the comparisons below reveal the real mon…
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What is a TRENDWhen market trends, a geometric patterns form a series of trends that have higher highs and higher lows in an uptrend and lower highs and lower lows in a downtrend.In uptrend Market  tend always to push the rates above the previous high to trigger stoploss orders and buy stop orders wich make a breakout and a new high will be established.In a downtrend it is the reversal of the uptrend but the breakout tend to be sharper specialy in uncharted area or new all time low.trends are always valid till it stops making new highs or new lows, they may become balanced between sellers and buyers and range for some time and then resume its trend or it may reverse.A reversal trend is a change in the rate direction and occure when support line is broken and become resistance line or resistance line become support line and new series of pattern are formed ( higher highs and higher lows become higher lows and lower lows and vis versa)Riding a trend is one of the safest and easiest way for green pips.- Easy entry- Less stress- Low drawdown- Higher propabilty of success- Purely technical Defining a Trend (Bull-Bear)- Open a weekly chart and visualize the shape trending up (bull trend)…
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September October would be the best months for trading such trends. Thanks for the well explained article +1 for ya buddy.

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