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Dear colleagues!
However cruel it may sound, any event, an event that has occurred in the world, can have a significant impact on the market. Earthquakes, terrorist attacks and so on, are the problems of some people and business for others. For example, the whole world remembers the events that took place on September 11 in the United States. A huge grief also brought not a few profits to people of various professions, including traders. The law of the currency market says that every event of a global scale will necessarily be reflected in the quotes of a trading instrument. This means that even if there are only a couple of days left until the end of the world, the news of this will be used immediately by traders for their own purposes.

Events can not affect all citizens of the country. For example, the flooding of the territory, which was more than 50% of the factories producing memory chips for the whole world, will immediately cause increased interest in the incident on the part of the trader. Whether there will be a drought, an technogenic catastrophe, a currency speculator from any such situation will be able to profit from it. You can work on Forex not only to increase t…
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JuliannaS 31 Aug.

sad tragedy

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All Traders start their career from the same point - Zero . All of them have similar difficulties , obstacles and challenges but every single Trader take different distance . I want to share not only with novice Traders my thoughts about success in Forex .........
Many people decide trading because they are attracted by an advertisement , news or rumor for big easy money , taken from the Financial Market . But sooner or later a lot of them loose their money because they rely on fortune, good luck, prayers and wishes . Only a few of them succeed - those ones who trade not only for pleasure , excitement and thrill but in a professional manner , like businessman .

Trading like a businessman - what does it mean ?
To be successful , every business must rely on four pivot points . They are :
  1. Profound Knowledge about the subject of business ;
  2. Steady Business Plan ;
  3. Initial Capital ;
  4. Psychological Resistance and Stability , persistence in implementation the Business Plan .

Basic education will take some years . If it is too much for a novice Trader he may switch to another place of performance . But if he is determined to become a good Trader - t…
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Nihad 27 Feb.

Good luck buddy

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skrasi 29 Feb.

лошооо, кой койиска да ни измести от 15 място :):)
статията е много добра

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harih 1 Mar.

yes..this article is well done

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Todor, interesting article! thank you

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nice article

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Jak bych měl asi začít? Tak já to prubnu takhle. Nacházíme se v době, o které se všem traderům z minulé doby mohlo jen zdát. Máme zde možnosti, které při vzniku obchodování jako takového nikdy nebyli. Vznik burzy se datuje někde kolem roku 1400. To už je historie co? Původ slova „burza“ pochází z latinského „bursa“, což znamená kožený měšec. Tři měšce byly také součástí erbu rodiny obchodníků „Van der Buerse“, do jejichž hostinců v belgických Bruggách se koncem 14. století sjížděli obchodníci zejména z Itálie nejen, aby zde přespali, ale také uzavírali své obchody. Místu kolem hostince, kde obchody rovněž probíhaly, se začalo říkat „burzy“ a později se tento název přenesl i na instituci, která byla po úpadku Brugg zřízena v roce 1531 v Antverpách. Nesla název „Beurs“ a šlo o první burzu cenných papírů určenou pro obchod se směnkami a zlatými a stříbrnými mincemi. Konala se zde také první emise obligací vydaná městem Antverpy. Co jsem tím chtěl, ale říct je to, že tenkrát neměli na obchodování vymoženosti jako dnes. Připojení na trh, PC atd. Dnes máme všechny tyhle blbinky k dispozici, všelijaké analýzy, jak sofistikované tak ale i od břídilů a podvodníků, přesto to ale není o…
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             Hello Trader,      The momment You have decided to be a PART-TIME TRADER or a FULL-TIME TRADER,You have become an INVESTOR.      A good investor is PASSIONATE about INVESTING, but NEVER INVOLVES EMOTIONALLY with his INVESTMENTS, he MANAGES his investments just like a BUSINESS OWNER manages his Businesses.      TRADING is YOUR BUSINESS... Think at Yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER AND AN INVESTOR at the same time.       So, HOW CAN YOU GET A 1000% PROFIT WITH ONLY 3% RISK PER TRADE?      The answer is simple: Compound Interest       Actually, the answer is COMPOUND PROFIT or COMPOUND RETURN. The profit that you make from a trade(or multiple trades) combined with the initial investment ammount helps you to get larger profits. If You want to understand better the Compound Interest and Compound Return watch this Video.      Actually it is not that simple. You have to have 25 Consecutive Win Trades, and no loss to get to 1000 %, if You have 1:3 medium Risk/Reward Ratio, and a 10% (aprox) PROFIT from your account for every trade that you make.100% (original investment ammount),(100%)+ 10%(profit from the first trade)= 110%,(110%)+ 10%*(110%)= 110%+ 11%= 121%,(121%)+ 10%*(121%)=…
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nice article.. keep up the good work ^^

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doctortyby 27 Sep.

Compound you positions intro need to win some times... too many consecutive losses will ruin your account. If you have more than 3 consecutive losses You Have to Lower your Risk(ex.: from 3% per trade to 1%) untill you get some gains, and some consecutive winnings

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Erialda 29 Sep.

very good and information article

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ante777 30 Sep.

Excellent article. I wish you the best luck.

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