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The article aims to provide a comprehensive trading strategy for traders, who are new to the Forex Market.
Technical Indicators
The main focus is on the Trendlines, by reference, we will also be looking at the Candles, SMA and Bollinger Band, in this regard.
Trader shall be able to set up the indicators' value, listed below;
SMA - 30
Bollinger Band
  1. Price - close price
  2. Time period - 20
  3. Dev up & down - 2
  4. MA type - EMA

Graph 1

In this technical graph, we are looking at the USD/JPY 5 minutes' analyses. Innitially,we see there was a surge, and then dropped back to point A. In most cases, at this point we will be able to draw the upward trendline, the buying levels are at point A and B. When it breaks the trendline, with three candles staying below the line, that point C would be the break even level(The black line). At point C, trader must take profit.
Graph 2
From point C, there was another upward movement, trader should stay clam and wait for point a or point D. From point a, we can re-draw an upward trendline, and start taking short when we find point D, which three candles staying below the trendlines. More importantly, breaking the break even level. Ther…
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good job

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good article. 

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TInna 1 Nov.

wery well!

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good job

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In this Article i focus on different and most perfect strategy of doing Binary option or Scalping , our first part i showed u how to use the Bollinger band and William % R and this article i show u some complex setup, but its much perfect giving signal for entering in trade. In this u need 15 min chart setup and we enter trade for next 15 min time frame expiry only. So lets have a look on chart setup and entry of trade.
Setting up Chart :-
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 15 min and add Indicator ,
  1. main price chart add Bollinger band (20,2)
  2. RSI value(7) ,level (20-80) and insert EMA value(20)
  3. Stochastic value (5,3,3) ,level (20-80)
  4. CCi value (14),level(100,-100) and insert EMA value(20)
Once u add all indicator charts will look like this as shown image below :-
Buy Trade 1st condition :-

When RSI value is above 20 and Ema cross Rsi, Stochastic value above 20 and trending up and CCI value above -100 and EMA crossing CCI and price is above Lower Bollinger band, we enter in Buy trade as shown in below chart :-
Note :- Always enter 1 pip lower then last candle close and the trade is for current 15 min candle close only.

Buy Trade 2nd condition :-
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AND 31 Aug.

I am not a supporter of binary options, but the idea is interesting

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rupesh1984 31 Aug.

AND :D its depends on person to person,however thank you appreciating idea :)

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I see this wery usefull. Thanks for shari

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FX90 31 Aug.

Well done

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very useful article

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In this Article i will discuss the strategy on use of William % R and Bollinger band that can be used with any currency pair but better work on Major pair. the system is good to take trade for 15-20 min time frame which u can be used in binary option or scalping so lets have a look from setting up chart and entry of trade.
1) Setting up Chart
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 5 min and add Indicator,
1) Bollinger Band (20,2)
2) William % R value -10 and -90
2) Trade Entry
2.1) Buy Entry

When William % R value below -90 and price below Lower Bollinger Band closed we enter in Buy trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
2.2) Sell Entry
When William % R value above -10 and price above Upper Bollinger Band closed we in sell trade for 15-20 min Time Frame, as example given below with attached image :-
Note :-
Never Enter trade when price is in expansion or squeeze mode which can be easily identified by Bollinger Band , as example give below on attached Image :-
1) Price Expansion

2) Price Squeeze

Conclusion :-
Use of William % R and Bollinger band is good to use for scalping an…
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Very good!

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kuzmichov1 11 Jan.

Thank you, man!

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kuzmichov1 your welcome bro :)

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Elani 14 Jan.


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kuzmichov1 27 Jan.

Rupesh, what you mean 2 cons. loss? 2 loss candles after signal or 2 loss after signal at once?

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"Humans cannot compete on speed;
it's as simple as that."Ten years ago, John Coates was a trader in Wall Street.Today, he is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University, and spends his days monitoring traders' hormones to see what makes them tick."There are simple tests you can do. When you see a green light... you click a mouse. The fastest you can do that is 100 to 120 milliseconds. Any basic cognitive processing, figuring things out, then maybe 200 to 300 milliseconds.
"The trouble is, the boxes - last time I looked - they were processing a trade in 10 milliseconds, and today I think... we're talking about millionths of a second."Those "boxes" are the robot traders - computers that make their own decisions about when to buy and sell, but a thousand times faster than any human can.When you think of a trading floor in London or New York, perhaps you imagine a gaggle of sweaty men elbowing each other out of the way as they use elaborate finger movements to convey their frantic orders.For the fact is that financial trading has undergone a computerised revolution akin to Amazon's takeover of the High Street.
All the real action has moved to cyberspace.Different algo trad…
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And this one great :)

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good job !! :))

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you will win !

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al_dcdemo 28 Apr.

Great article. Very well written. Nice job!

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a good article bro.. wish you good luck

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Dear Traders,
I haven't been very active in the community recently and today I decided that it is time to begin sharing some of the successful trading strategies I'm using with my first article.
The Bollinger Bands indicator always fascinated me and I've been lucky to meet John Bollinger several times in person during trade shows and seminars. He has a deep knowledge about the markets and is a very funny and humorous guy. If I had to describe him with one word: simply genius! Depending on how old you are and since when you're using computers you probably can imagine how things were when he invented the Bollinger Bands. Some decades ago we had no Excel or sophisticated trading platforms and the process of calculating the bands was a very work intensive task. To simplify things, we can also see the Bollinger Bands as a statistical model with a moving average (middle channel), a line above two standard deviations apart (upper channel) and a line below also two standard deviations apart (lower channel).
There are numerous ways one can use the Bollinger Bands for trading the markets. Today, I like to show you the my Bollinger Band strategy I'm using in trending
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garisan avatar
garisan 21 Dec.

Very interesting. I want to ask how do you set your stops as you never know how many bars will take to reach them and because of the dynamic nature of the BB you'll never know at what level they will be. Thanks.

fullmoon avatar
fullmoon 22 Dec.

@garisan, thanks for your good comment. You are totally right about the dynamic nature of the bands.

I do not adjust the stop to widening bands, since that would damange the risk/reward ratio. Normally, you are just fine to keep the initial stop. If you like, you can adjust it closer to your entry as the market moves and as the respective band goes in your direction. But never move it away, because your account risk gets higher than initially planned.

With targets I adjust it according to the bands though - I guess I explain the whole trade management in a separate article.

garisan avatar
garisan 22 Dec.

Ok, that would be great, thank you.

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lstbsb 6 Jan.

Hi mate, thanks for the text.
At your first analysis (EURUSD chart with a 15 minute time frame from November 18th ), you´ve determined the stop loss being the same as the profit one, in absolute values. Dont you think that by risk management, the stop loss point should not be the same value as the take profit one? Normally,shouldn´t we step back in operations in which the stop loss is, for example, 20 pips, and the take profit one, also 20 pips? I say this in real trades, not in simmulations. Cheers !

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fullmoon 6 Jan.

@lstbsb thanks for your comment. You can alter the strategy as you wish as any traded strategy must fit the personality. If the bands are at 40/40 distance for TP/SL you can also do 20/20 or 20/40. I personally like the 1:1 ratio since I can keep focusing on having a higher win ratio than 50%. I will explain my stop strategy in the current months article.

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            EUR / USD  Weekly  Analysis EUR / USD, although technically it is also related decrease the pressure drops after certain reductions can not be resumed. This also leaves question marks in the mind that in the bearish trend will continue. EUR / USD daily chart, the lower Bollinger band channel is an important point and that 1.3035 support upward or downward movement of the pair will continue to support. Non-Farm, the markets closed, the last trading day of the week İstihdam'a easter special 45-minute process to allow the news impact futures markets cause the pair was hard motions. The last trading day of the week fell to the level of 1.3033 EUR / USD after the negative data from the Non-Farm Payrolls rose to the level of 1.3112. Kırılamamış Bollinger band was sub-channel so that point. If the band can not break parity between the movements of this week to continue this support and the daily chart, 200-day exponential moving average of the observable start attacking the 1.34 level upward. Therefore, the technical 1.3035 Bollinger band on the support medium and high levels of 1.3400 to 1.3235 of channel port is determined as a target. If you want to c…
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