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The vital role of momentum in trading Momentum is a vital element that lives with all people in everyday life and I’m sure that everyone experienced the impact of momentum in his/her own life , Momentum can affect us in many ways because it keeps us moving in our way achieving goals with constant speed .
The definition of momentum.
It’s the force or speed of movement of the price, object or events resulted of initial influx of energized action taken by large number of people , price or object moving constantly in one direction maintaining velocity . To illustrate the momentum further I’m going to explain it scientifically using physics ““A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.” There is no better example to explain what is the momentum and its significant effect on our life than the Newton’s first law and maybe you heard the sentence ““A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest.” The interpretation of the law is very logic and straight forward is that it takes a lot of force to move a body in a still position but once the body moves it get easier to keep moving smoothly and constantly in its direction. That means if an object is…
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kettle 28 July

Good article!

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In this article, I am going to explain a simple but powerful trading system, as an example of how to combine a short term view, with a wider one. In order to do so, I will use a thirty minutes chart to find good entry points, and a wider time frame, that in this case will be four hours, to see the main tendency.
In order to have a more clear vision of this, we will be using some tools, such as trend lines in the four hours time frame chart, which will be very useful to set clear limits on when and where the tendency starts and ends. This is very important, because while the positions are open, it is very easy to fall in a deceptive spiral of wishful thinking and tolerance to losses, that invariably will lead us to undesired results. To avoid that, the use of a simple line will show us this limits, and will help us in the decision making process when we are inside the market.
Let’s see an example of this, for the EURUSD pair, in a four hours time frame chart of the current week:
We can see that, from the candle that actually ends the bullish tendency, until the start of the bearish one, there is a period of almost one week of uncertainty, in which, we will be systematically out of t…
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kuzmichov1 20 Feb.

Я торговал по этой системе, много убытков.

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Good. I like the RSI indicator ;)

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fantastic article!

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Hello to all boys and girls who work in the forex world, in this article we will talk about a very important aspect in the world of online trading, the widespread problem of: Anxiety Operation. What are the causes?

How can we reduce it to a minimum and be able to master it?

The first thing to say is that ALL, if not 90% of the traders, when it began to operate in the Forex market with real money has experienced a sense of anxiety operation. . or in all directions, afraid to work due to anxiety.But because we feel this emotion that slows us down significantly our ability to manage and make decisions at the right time?. .
  • The first cause is that the money we are using is real and it is ours. .not want to lose him, come into play negative qualities such as greed. . we want quick cash, too, and we have the best quality for a real traders PATIENCE ..
  • The second aspect is that we have a strategy of money management reliable or rather correct ..
  • Last aspect is that we are not ready, we are just not trained in the right way for this kind of business ..
Then how can we dominate the anxiety and work in the right way in the Forex market?First of all we must improvise and traders operate in t…
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Airmike 12 Jan.

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interesting and informative article)

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Líneas de Soporte y de Resistencia

Los términos de soporte y resistencia están muy utilizados en el análisis técnico.
Un soporte es un nivel de precio por debajo del actual, donde se espera que el flujo de órdenes de compra supere el flujo de órdenes de venta, por lo que un impulso bajista se verá frenado y el precio subirá. Una resistencia es un nivel de precio por encima del actual, donde el flujo de órdenes de venta supera el flujo de órdenes de compra, y donde un impulso alcista se verá afectado
Líneas del precio
Cada línea que se puede trazar en un gráfico puede tener una utilidad, pero no todas deben ser interpretadas de la misma manera. Desde el punto de vista universal existe una infinidad de líneas que se pueden trazar en un gráfico, pero nos interesan las más relevantes para la operativa. Dependiendo del ángulo podemos definir dos categorías de líneas que representan soportes y resistencias:
1)- Líneas horizontales

En el análisis técnico, los niveles de precio más importantes son los niveles horizontales de soporte y resistencia, y eso porque la mayoría de las órdenes pendientes están basadas en ellos. Cerca de un nivel de soporte o de un nivel de resistencia se da …
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Muy interesante. gracias

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Interesante articulo.Enhorabuena!!!

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Support and resistance has no language barriers :)

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Los grandes inversores compran un producto financiero hoy para venderlo años mas tarde. Para los pequeños inversores, las inversiones en Forex a largo plazo no son recomendables, el corto y mediano plazo puede tener mucha mas efectividad. En el Mercado de Divisas existen tendencias multi anuales, pero las oscilaciones menores dentro de una gran tendencia son muy amplias, permitiendo duplicar y triplicar fácilmente el retorno anual de la gran tendencia. Por esto la mayoría de los operadores especulan al corto y mediano plazo. Las tendencias menores que existen dentro de las grandes tendencias, ocurren principalmente por dos razones: 1-El Mercado de Divisas moderno fue concebido por el sistema financiero global como una herramienta para la especulación, para obtener beneficios en el corto y en el mediano plazo, desde varios días hasta varios meses. 2-El mercado Forex presenta 3 sesiones al dia(Asia, Europa y America), con distintos usos horarios, lo que provoca cambios de tendencias más frecuentes que en el resto de mercados bursátiles Una de las primeras decisiones que tiene que tomar cualquier especulador es definir su propio estilo. Existen 4 tipos de estilos: 1-Largo plazo. …
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ijayakumar 20 Nov.

Could have been better if you structured the article better!

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