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Not more than 3 months ago I've been writing an article about how you can trade the 4:00PM London Fix, giving out an easy step by step guide on how to profit from the price action around that time. You can read more about it here: London Fix Strategy
In this article we're going to make one step further and automatize the whole process by using Dukascopy Visual JForex. This will be one of those strategy that will require no indicators and I'm going to use some of the blocks that I've already been using them in my previous article, and you should be already familiarized with them. I like to keep things simple so in this regard even if you don't have any programming skills whatsoever you will be able to understand the whole process.
Lets proceed first by giving a short summary of our strategy:
  1. Currency pair: GBPUSD;
  2. Time Frame: 1h;
  3. Target= 16 pips. Since beginning of the year the average pips volatility at 4:00PM was around 16.6 pips (see Figure 1);
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MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 13 Oct.

Nice work. FYI, Counter strategy (for GBP/USD) is good between 17 - 25(LondonTime) in last 10 years.

Likerty avatar
Likerty 23 Oct.

I'm sceptical about historical testing of volatility based trading systems as trading already formed candles and ones - still in the making (real-time) produces very different results..

Jignesh avatar
Jignesh 25 Oct.

Congrats Daytrader21 on finding a strategy and automating it, not an easy endeavor.

Daytrader21 avatar

MobNaga Thanks for the info I'll check that out. Likerty So far I've seen big difference between the backtesting results and what I get in real-time environment. Jignesh Thanks buddy.

Stix avatar
Stix 31 Oct.

Interesting and useful Article. Thank you very much. :) :)

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This is my second article about how you can build your own automated strategy without indicators and using Visual JForex. My previous article London Breakout Strategy Using Visul JForex (part 1) has left outside few more things before our strategy can be ready for work, we're going to speak about this in a few moments. By now, your Visual JForex programming knowledge must have picked up and following the next steps won't give you much headache. We already know that our strategy has been broken in three stages:
  1. Calculating the Range.
  2. London Open.
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Hassannio1 avatar
Hassannio1 24 Oct.

I love this article! am going to try out this strategy since am a big fan of London session. Ok let me proceed to part 2

zumba avatar
zumba 25 Oct.

good article

risgiantoro avatar

still confuse ...

Daytrader21 avatar

@risgiantoro let me know how can I help you. Just bring it here if you have any questions, maybe I can help you. Thanks

northernwave avatar

I should study more this article

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Trading from the comfort of your home has never been more easier than it's today when you have brokers like Dukascopy that provides every trader with the right tools to succeed in this business and ultimately have an edge over others competitors. Many new traders believe that an automated strategy must incorporate some kind of indicators. Well, the truth is you don't actually need indicators to trade, and here comes my article to help you design your own automated strategy using Visual JForex. My last article EMA Crossover System Meets Visual JForex outlined an incredible simple step-by-step guide on how to create your own automated strategy using indicators. Also I strongly recommend you to get used with the Visual JForex interface by watching Dukascopy tutorials.
Unlike my previous article here I'm going to use new blocks and we are going a little bit deeper and make a strategy that's more challenging without using any indicators whatsoever. It's time for y…
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Daytrader21 avatar

(continuation) GetTimeUnits block-Settings-TimeUnit-Hour

2)London Open group: "IF logic" block uses as first parameter the variable current_time3 that we have just create, this variable stores the time that goes through the candles at the present moment and compares it with a new variable that we are going to create London_Open which has the value 8(8:00GMT) We want to know when current_time3 is London_Open only than the cycle will be completed and move to the next blocks.

Daytrader21 avatar

Just click on the images they will zoom in and thy will become much more clear. If you still have problems with that send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the originals pictures and if you want I'll send you the strategy code to compare your work and see if it's the same.

Maria_r avatar
Maria_r 24 Oct.

wow. Like! +1

juandata avatar
juandata 15 Nov.

Thanks Daytrader, I can finallly see the images. I will send you a message so we can compare the strategies. Thanks.

andysagerli avatar

Daytrader21  Hi, I like this post. I would like to rebuild, but the screenshots doesn't open when I click them. Can You send me the screenshots?
Thank You

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