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Hello everyone, i have been trading from past 8 years, i have come across so many indicators, strategies and analysis. But what ever i tried with those indicators and strategies ended up with huge losses after some period or interval of time. Because each strategy work in different market conditions. You have to be flexible to survive in any market condition.but its never "the end" untill u "give up". So finally, i have the system or the strategy that work in any situation, But it has its own rules, if u ll follow the complete set of rules, you ll never end up in loss on weekly basis. This is a kinda Hedge technique and things we need are..
1.) Vision: You should be able to predict which side market may move ahead.
2.) Money Management
3.) Patience
If you are able to look at a chart and identify when the market is "Trending", Then you can enter in the direction you like.
Example: I bought 0.10 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4150 and my TP for GBPUSD will be 1.4200 and SL 1.4047. Here i am taking TP as 50 Pips and SL as 100 Pips, i added 3 pips extra into SL because i counted the spread as well (SL= 100 + spread of the pair). Immediately place a sell stop 0.30 volume of GBPUSD at 1.4100 …
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good article

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You will find out a definite answer to this
question that haunts every trader. You will see the results of a comprehensive
study of 127 indicators. And THE WINNER IS…? You would most likely never have
guessed it. It is an indicator that every trader knows and many
traders use. The question is whether they use it properly and profitably. Should
you use it? Read on...
The study of
127 indicators
In this book of 800!!! pages the author and his team present
the results of testing the performance of 127 indicators for a period including most of the
previous century for Dow Jones Industrial Average. (Note: the study doesn’t differentiate
between indicators and oscillators.)
Unfortunately a similar study doesn’t exist for the FX
market. But indicators are indicators because technical analysis is technical
analysis in any market so let’s see whether we can learn from this study something
for our FX trading
They compared results of the performance of the
Buy&Hold strategy with a strategy using a particular indicator. There were
some other rules which are irrelevant for this discussion.
The tested indicators included also the indicators
that are widely used in FX trading like:
various types
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scramble 18 May

@robert: you are right! i read again whole article and so i understand i got it wrong last time. stress gives this and many other kind of thigs!
good luck :-)

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The people who actually have the holy grail indicator(s) are busy making money from it and dont want to share it..otherwise they would lose their edge

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belman 24 May

Well done +1

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Furian 28 May

Most efficient indicator is into our head. To understand what BBWEB (big boys with endless balance) try to do in particular time frame with intention to induce some sentiment which will be wiped soon after majority of day traders start to think "ok I go in this direction" Someone must lose if some other win. Fake sentiment is most deadly sword for majority of traders as well as 'recomendation" from some "good names"

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HansFX 14 July

Good article. This also explains why all indicators only work in certain market regimes. It's important to constantly test which indicators work best at a given moment for a certain currency pair. You can either do this by using MT4s back-testing framework, or by checking for example my link, where they test different forex indicators on recent price series. Make sure to set "include transaction costs" to true in the settings.

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You are probably aware that one of the most important concepts that you have to understand in order to achieve Forex success is that you must maximize your profits on your winning trades whilst minimizing your losses on your losers. If you are a novice or have been trading for a short time, then you may have already experienced a run of poor performances.You must always remember that even successful forex traders suffer more losing trades than winning ones over any given time-frame. However, they always ensure that the win:loss and risk:reward ratios of their trading strategies guarantee that they will achieve profits over the long haulHere are a few ideas that you might tryYou must never over trade your account by risking more than your budget can comfortably sustain. In addition, if you are trying to trade more than one currency pair, then you should cut back. You can always trade more once you are proficient at trading one currency pair.Perhaps you have become jaded by trading forex for too long. If so, then take a break and gather your thoughts and allow your sub-conscious to process all your trading experiences to date. You might get a flash o…
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adask 11 Oct.

Nice article, several very good ideas. But I do not agree that "even successful forex traders suffer more losing trades than winning ones over any given time-frame". I do not agree. For example scalping generates more winners than losers ;)

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ritesh 12 Oct.

Another great article.... +1

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Milani 12 Oct.

Super article. Great comment,

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Socrates 13 Oct.

good article

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madiha 19 Oct.

nice article

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