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A novice trader thought the market was a tonto. You put testing and optimization into it at one side and it starts coining money from the other side. Before using his new news-based strategy in real trading, the novice trader did a number of persevering and quicker-than-a-second tests and optimizations. He came to the conclusion that profits were bigger if he placed orders 2-3 before the news and removed them 2-3 minutes after.
A catchy-red, strong piece of news was going to be published — Interest Rate Decision from the US Federal Reserve. The wretched novice trader was eager to make a million and 2 cents on that move. The decision was accompanied by a report from Mr. Bernanke. As Bernanke was a serious guy, he kindda delayed his report. The market, which had drawn itself into a thin filament before the decision, continued to stay calm right after the moment of the decision.
Of course, the novice trader was not going to wait and simply removed the orders 2 minutes after the news. The novice trader thought that the US Interest Rate Decision was actually a worthless piece of news capable of stirring up neither the Wall Street, nor all the dollar-chained currency pairs, nor even the
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just test

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Likerty 7 jan

I guess every trader havehis sad story about teh very beginings of his trading:))

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Skif 9 jan

Хорошая статья !! не хватает графиков ..(((

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August 22nd, 2199 – Year 2, Day 1 Today, a hot August day, the entire population was celebrating the first anniversary of the liberation, and the president of the Unified Nations (UN) was doing a celebratory speech. "Brothers and sisters ...” he started "... today, Aug. 22, 2199, we are gathered to celebrate the memory of our fallen brothers during the 185 years of war in which we have suffered, fought and finally won, what we can now say as the worst enemy of the human race ... ". It was during these words that a soldier took me aside with my team. Accompanied by the roar of the crowd, entered the meeting room where we found the Commander with a woman in uniform and three soldiers. I sat down in front of her: she had a decorated uniform for the event, wearing several medals. While sitting down motionless with impenetrable black eyes, her appeal was likely to pass everything else into the background. Alan sat down at my right hand, Keyra and Joshua on my left. "Gentlemen - began the commander - few hours ago an important rescue mission was accomplished. I will not go into details now, because we have very little time before the President ends his speech and give off the festiviti…
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LOL original article that's for sure, I'm waiting for the next episode! :) We will all be living in the Worldwide Republic of China in 2199, in my opinion. And there will be no forex market because the chinese yuan will be the only currency in the world :P

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Likerty 25 jan

SpecialFX mus be seen movie Looper..?:))

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scramble 28 jan

Thank you all for the comments and likes! Sadly I had no time to finish the 2nd and 3rd part since last weekends i was too much busy. Hopefully next month will be better...

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Are you trying to write a book here Scramble? Congrats for the mice article. :)

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Introduction: QE stands for Quantitative easing, A tranche of Monetary policy employed by Central Banks to Lower interest rates and in turn boost the economy. In short, this is achieved by the New money being used to buy financial assets likes bonds or Mortgage backed securities (MBS) which with a rising price forced on by the relentless buying will force the yield lower. A great article explaining more about QE can be found here by Scramble. This method has been used a handful of times in economic history, notably by the Bank of Japan a decade ago when they faced the possibility of a Keynesian liquidity trap and deflation. However in the last 5 years it has been used by the US, UK, and the Eurozone. In the US, there have been 3 rounds of QE, it first came about right after the financial crisis in late 2008 at which point the Federal Reserve started purchasing MBS’s. Alongside cutting the base rate to almost zero, it increased its balance sheet by around $1.4 Trillion. Then in late 2010 it came out with QE2 with an aim to buy $600 Billion of treasuries. Most importantly is in the last few days – 13th September – the Federal Reserve announced “QE3” "To support a stronger economic…
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Tsandes 22 sep

Great article! Good luck I hope for the best.

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alifari 24 sep

good read

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LinnuxFX 26 sep

Nice article, good new start, hope you keep your articles at your best level...

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captain 27 sep

Very imformative article.

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US QE3 Infinity... Hyperinflation

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