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The new generation of online currency trading is already very easy to do
Earlier, many of us went to the currency office or branch offices for currency operations, and we risked the physical cash flows of the currency pair to be traded. However, with the development of technology, we have now had the opportunity to quickly and easily access all of these operations online by connecting to international currency markets through the operating platforms.
In addition to desktops and laptops, together with the development of smartphone technology, you can connect to the market online and interact with your business on a regular basis through our mobile platforms, wherever we can access the Internet.
How do I start Forex with Dukascopy?
The only thing you need to do is to open a Dukascopy Forex account in one of the intermediary organizations that you want to run and deposit your account to your computer or mobile device by downloading the platform. Forex market if you are very new and have not yet operated. For the first time, we would like to get acquainted with this market and make important recommendations before operating. If you have just entered the market and have never made a…
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Yonggi7 4 ايلول

Well done!!! And well explained!

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JuliannaS 5 ايلول

WOW, nice instruction

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massimoscalas 6 ايلول

Great article: accurate and clear as usual. Thank's friend

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Sanju777 7 ايلول

nice article

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BIGBO 12 تشرين الاول

Хорошая статья!

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На рынке форекс я делаю только первые шаги . Познакомилась с валютным рынком благодаря тому что решила участвовать в конкурсе Miss Dukascopy 2016. Люблю рисовать, поэтому в этой статье я буду пытаться смотреть на все колебания курсов, глазами художника. Творческий подход свойственен мне в жизни .Попробую этот же подход, применить для понимания череды факторов, влияющих на ежедневные стремительные движения валют.
Конечно, следует учесть что это будет женский подход )))) вероятно парни будут возражать в отношении такого подхода к рынку, но все таки я рискну. Признаюсь, вначале очень скептически относилась к тому, можно ли заработать деньги используя колебания курсов валют. Но, любопытство взяло вверх и я начала больше интересоваться , узнавать и читать про рынок форекс, в частности статьи из конкурса article contest также помогли мне заполнить пробел в знаниях относительно торговли валютами.
В моих глазах начал отображаться здоровый блеск,, точь в точь как на картинке которая отображает вспыхнувший интерес ко всему что как-то связанно с валютами. В определенный момент, я стала смотреть на рынок сквозь очки меркантильного интереса и задала себе вопрос: «А можно ли зарабатывать деньги …
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sezann 13 ايار

Отличная статья. Только я бы трех китов расположил в обратной последовательности.

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Sennna88 20 ايار

good way to start trading

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good job

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geobio66 27 ايار

хорошо все! для прибыли надо совсем ничего --- УМЕТЬ ПРОГНОЗИРОВАТЬ

ставь задачу получить 10-20% в мес тогда все ОК.

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klintons 27 ايار

Good job

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Hello everyone!
In my past I spent 3 years for manual trading, before I commenced to feel myself tired of constant repeat of the same actions.
Also I realized that I can't create my new trading system without making of custom indicator. This forced me to study programming.
Now I want to share with you my experience. I'll show you how it's possible to learn JAVA at home.
Who is this article for?
  • If you wish to program your own indicator or strategy, to automate your trading - this article is for you!
  • If you're new to FOREX, you're in search of your own trading system and don't know where to begin - this article is also can be useful for you!
  • If you don't want to spend years trying to become a professional programmer and wish to limit your knowledge, by learning only restricted variety of tasks - this article is for you!
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ivan_taranov 1 نيسان

Peggy37 I saw a version for Linux, but didn't use it

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Peggy37 1 نيسان

I found, thanks, hope it will be working.

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ivan_taranov 1 نيسان

Peggy37 You're welcome!

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ikszy 8 نيسان

You succeeded to be short and simple. Though I am just the 2nd category (beginner), it gave me a push what to do after the necessary manual trading, thanks.

ivan_taranov avatar
ivan_taranov 8 نيسان

ikszy Glad to be useful!)

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This article will be useful for beginners in trading and for professionals to get relax and laugh a little remebering times when they were at start line.
To become a trader you need only two qualities: 1. to know how to handle stress; 2. to be good in math.
You will handle your stress only when make trading not emotional, but profitable occupation.
If your definition of trading can be described with words: "genius" transactions, magical prediction of events and billions of dollars' – it will be hard to become successful trader, better try your talents at the movie plot writings.
Only when your psyche is ready to accept definition of trading as statistics, theory of probability, the calculation of risk and psychologically difficult, tedious following of the strategy – you are ready to try.
Usually, algorithm of obtaining of any profession looks simple: get the knowledge, and then get the experience. In trading it is vice versa: people jump into practicing and after first loses start to learn how to make this occupation profitable. The biggest mistake and time killer for almost all beginners is to follow balance all the time. I agree, this is fascinating spectacle to look at chan…
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Mani 12 تشرين الثاني

Good Work

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MobNaga 12 تشرين الثاني

nice work :)

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verindur 19 تشرين الثاني

Nice article. But I beleive in using your emotional power for trading. But I do say you should have perfect emotional control.

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verindur 19 تشرين الثاني

Probability theory a must for a successful trader : )))))))))))

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WallStreet6 29 تشرين الثاني

very good article

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In this Article I would like to share my Poker experience with you and help you achieve a higher, or even winning position in the Dukascopy Poker Contest. "I have won the Weekly-$750 and Daily-$100 Tournaments both once now, and came in third in the Daily Tournament on 26-7-$50" AdamFx42 (Picture: Logo taken from the Poker Contest Webpage, find the poker contest here: https://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/poker/ -- Click the 'Play' button to open the Poker environment) In my Article I will discuss: A. The variant of Poker that is played here: Texas No Limit Hold'em - a game that I have been playing online for a couple of years B. Some simple rules to follow as a novice that can help you get a long way in a tournament C. Some personal favorite rules and decisions in tournaments, that are also used by Famous Poker Players that help me win Here we go! A.Texas No Limit Hold'em Poker, also known as Texas Hold'eM or No Limit Hold'eM, is the most popular variant of Poker on-, and off-line, and has been for many years now. To try and explain the game here in detail would be to much, and is not the point of my …
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Faster 27 آب

i like +1

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alifari 31 آب

Really helpful for a newbie in Poker like me........... +

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Bernny 2 ايلول

Hi, Adam. very interesting that you made an effort and wrote this article. Very good. Kind regards

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velldes 10 ايلول

Nice article. Maybe is time for me to play poker... :)

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Asmit929 11 آب

Nice article adamfx...it helped me for some time,but as usual I lose my patience and DAAM!!..I realise I lost everything!!

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Introduction From years of experience in Forex , I can memorize a lot of things which make us lose or completely exit the market due to incorrect actions or bad habits which is a result of some factors surrounds the Forex market... in this article I will show some problems which face me when i was a beginner before 8 years and how i overcome these problems which face us daily in the market . I took a lot of time to overcome these problems but if you read this carefully ,it will help you very much to get professional in the market.Preface At the beginning let's remember that Forex market is leveraged market and any incorrect trade (without stop loss) can blow out your account money... risk is from nature of Forex trading , if you do not feel in this market that you are in a battle , forgive me, short time and you will fail,Forex trading is not for you.In Forex you should use all your weapons to win the battle or at least not to exit the battle loser...we should prepare ourselves for the trading not only the strategy ... the strategy is important in trading but what about the human who uses this strategy. Is the human prepared for this ... below you will get prepared for fighting in …
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good article +

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good one, you great

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it desire + like

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xtrader360, merosalah, hazem2013, thanks for reply

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Thanks for everybody for support

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