One of the biggest problems that a trader faces is his ability to be disciplined and stick to his plan. With a strategy that controls the market through the defined parameters, we guarantee that if a trading opportunity arises this is executed without errors according to the programmed. An automated strategy, in turn, can also analyze more data successively than a human would achieve, making it easier to monitor multiple patterns at the same time.


Following the previous article in April, I chose 2 patterns to present the code in JForex and study to what extent these patterns are profitable or not in forex. The chosen patterns were as follows:

Bullish Piercing Line:
This pattern is defined by a candle with a considerable body in which the next candle opens below the minimum of the previous candle, but closes above the middle, without exceeding the top. In this case, it is expected that the market is initiating a bullish move, thus altering the trend and initiating a new one.
Recognition Criteria:
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