Let's face it, you can't start placing trades unless you have a BROKERAGE ACCOUNT.
In today's world we have more than thousands of brokers to choose from? Have you ever wondered is this the right broker for me ? or
how well do I know the broker?
Choosing the right broker is no different than picking the right stocks or placing right trades that would ultimately give you profit and peace of mind at the end of the day.
We all want to win and succeed in life and it would be catastrophic to see our hard earned money sliding out of our pockets due to lack of common sense.
I strongly believe selecting the right broker should be the first step in FOREX TRADING JOURNEY. They are the ones who will be handling your money so why not waste some time in knowing your broker before you start building trading relationship with them.
1. Regulated Forex brokers are always a safe bet.
2. Get an ECN broker -- There are mainly two types of brokers ECN And Market Markers. ECN brokers offers lowest spread than MM brokers however they do charge commission. I always prefer ECN broker as they usually never trade against clients.
3. Forex Broker with sufficient leverage
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