We all know how difficult it is to earn money in Forex market and make a living out of it. More than 90 percent people lose money in Forex market due to various reasons. If you have been trading for long you must have realized by now how good you're at trading?
Let's face the fact and realize that if we are losing money then we don't fall in the category of GOOD TRADERS. Today, I would talk about few signs that would help you know your trading style.
1. Trading blindly without a plan
This is a crime in Forex market and it would eventually blow up your account no matter how good you're at initial stages. Trading is just like a business so invest enough time in setting up a plan.
2. Absence of money management rule
Usually, it's best to start your trading career with 1% rule and increase it gradually. Evaluate your risk potential and keep it under 1% of your trading capital.
3. Emotions play in your trade
Yes, it's exciting to win trades, but if you get too excited then there is something not right. Trading should be dealt as a business process where emotions have no place.
4. You predict instead of react

There is a story behind every trade movem…
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