This article is determined mainly
for beginning traders because experienced traders know traps of backtesting
process very well. But as I found, there is not very much information about it
in the literature or web pages about trading. Everywhere you can read that
backtesting is essential for your trading and that a lot of people are going to
underestimate it . But to be honest, I can’t remember a single good article where was written “How to backtest”
and of what to be aware during this process.
    My thought on this theme starts when one friend
of mine asked me to show him how to trade. But trading isn’t something what
can be learn this way. You can’t
 think that you can watch some
traders few times in action, learn his/her strategy and just copy it and be a good
trader. No no, not even exact science like mathematic can be learn properly so
easily. So I tell him that he should stop just reading about trading and start
doing it. Start with demo account, place some orders and start with backtesting
some basic thought (when you beginning you can start with whatever you want).
But beginners do not believe that trading can’t  be learnt easily. So he
wanted me to show him my system.…
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