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  • Abstract:
Investments on Forex Markets require experience, knowledge, technique, but most important a trading plan.
Before to risk any capital, investors keep searching opportunities that seem attractive to get in.
When the investor has work usually on demo accounts by few months or even years, the next step is to jump into live accounts.
But at this time, working on reading charts maybe is bored by the mechanical procedure to follow a defined plan.
The proper option could be, to put this knowledge into an automated strategy or script that contains in code lines
the trading idea to let the job to a machine.
Also, this could help to avoid things like to be watching the charts every time and or make decisions by emotion.
So, now the new goal is to find how to make this, and best how to improve performance and more over profits.
  • Automated trading on Forex Markets:
Working on automating a trading plan, can sound hard job but maybe it's simple. It depends on most cases of a previous
background and the system to use.
Perhaps people doesn't like to risk your capital on systems because is very difficult to put in lines code a detailed sequence tasks.
Others maybe opt by purchase scripts to…
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RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 13 déc

Jforex vs MT4 trading platform.....I have never been much of a fan for robot/auto-trading...but that doesn't mean they are not good because each Forex Trader will eventually developed and settle down to his/her trading system  that they are most comfortable with in which to be consistently profitable.

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Interesting article about MT4, is it possible to export the code from VJF to MT4 ?

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Nice one, Good luck :)

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FXRabbit 14 déc

Well written!

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Muy útil! gracias

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I have been observing for a while, one of my short term strategies to identify possible good entries or eventually 'emergency exits'. In the past I already explained it quite deeper with a series where I also shared a quick code in order to obtain the strategy to work in full automation: you can find all explanation about strategy concepts, codes and backtests following this link.
However, this kind of strategy creates a large amount of losing trades when price is stuck in major resistances and supports, indeed all MA-based strategies has the same limitation.
With this article series, I'm going to show all steps I made in recent months (long time spent watching strategy behavior), taking the opportunity to share some quick ideas which can be interesting for other members.
The first element
I have some firm beliefs about trading and one of them is the simplest ever: when there is a clean direction, everything works fine. See this chart:
If market was everyday like this, trading would make us billionaires in few months! Situations like this however, happens few times during one month and so I started wondering "what makes that situation different from another?".…
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Likerty avatar
Likerty 17 fév

welcome back to the contest:))

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scramble 11 mar


dinhero avatar
dinhero 16 mar

Hi, you article is good, the idea is good, but unfortunatly you are publishing only fragment of code without global variable, take some time to test the code, so just stop the reader to go the next article

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scramble 16 mar

hi dinhero, it's a series, not just 1 single article.but you will anyway need to read the whole articles to understand well the purpose of ony setting, why I did, and I use it. :) i paste the link in next comment

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scramble 16 mar

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