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This article is about the automated drawing of the pre -London session box in charts, and a quick representation of a trading strategy. I guess it will be useful to many people since this is one of the oldest tools you can find in forex trading, but still valid and still profitable (with the correct setups), and for some strange reasons is not yet coded for JForex! Or eventually done but not published. Or maybe it's me who is unable to find it... Anyway here it is: Cooked and free download! I hope you enjoy and please, don't forget to like it!
The Concept
The first step is to identify the area where market was trading before the London session opening, which comes at 8:00AM London Time. In the following 30min GPB/USD chart, I simply drawn 2 lines where London session starts, and the pre-session range time. As seen, since London starts (in this case) at 7:00 broker time, we are interested in the area starting with the candle right after the 02:30AM until the 06:30AM one. To avoid confusions, remember the 06:30 candle is completed with the last tick 06:59:59 so it's still pre-session price until the first tick coming starting from 07:00:00.
The second step is to ident…
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tdbatinkov 22 June

Yes, London Open Breakout Strategy is great oportunity to catch some pips in the day

scramble avatar
scramble 22 June

yes tdbatinkov definetly agree on that!

Olkiss70 avatar
Olkiss70 25 June

very useful article. thanks!

fso56 avatar
fso56 4 Jan.

I need auto indicator? Do you have?

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1. Overview
As far As I know, Dukascopy Community is only one which offer such wide variety of contests. It is a great and useful place for all real traders to test their trading ideas, to get, collect, share information, to improve knowledge and even try trading automation and create automated strategies. As I trade for several years in live and for the last few years I trade only currencies and only few pairs, I'm always thinking ( as I think all the others traders) how to improve my trading results and to get better profit from trading. In Dukascopy community I found very interesting contest for me, which gives me possibilities to search better trading ways. From the beginning I didn't know how to create automatic strategy, I only had an ideas. Step by step I learned to create simple robots, which fit my ideas. As I trade manually in live very simple, my automated strategy ideas are also very simple.
2. Strategy performance
I decided to share my automated trading idea about most popular pair EUR/USD. I am taking part with the same strategy for a few month, improved it a little, and for some time it gives quite good results.
On February of this year my strategy finished at …
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ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 26 July

Thank You all!

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MyiDEA avatar
MyiDEA 31 July


ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 31 July

Well, I have finished with 143K equity in strategy contest this month and thus I'm not in top 10 ( I'm on 15 place), but for me it is a quite good result which proved one more time that my idea is not bad, but I still have to think how to improve my robot, in order to avoid big drawdown . Thank you all one more time, who was interested in my article.

ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 14 Aug.

The final results really surprised me, I have finished on 10 place in July with my strategy and I'm still searching ways how to get it work better

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This is my second article about how you can build your own automated strategy without indicators and using Visual JForex. My previous article London Breakout Strategy Using Visul JForex (part 1) has left outside few more things before our strategy can be ready for work, we're going to speak about this in a few moments. By now, your Visual JForex programming knowledge must have picked up and following the next steps won't give you much headache. We already know that our strategy has been broken in three stages:
  1. Calculating the Range.
  2. London Open.
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Hassannio1 avatar
Hassannio1 24 Oct.

I love this article! am going to try out this strategy since am a big fan of London session. Ok let me proceed to part 2

zumba avatar
zumba 25 Oct.

good article

risgiantoro avatar

still confuse ...

Daytrader21 avatar

@risgiantoro let me know how can I help you. Just bring it here if you have any questions, maybe I can help you. Thanks

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I should study more this article

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Trading from the comfort of your home has never been more easier than it's today when you have brokers like Dukascopy that provides every trader with the right tools to succeed in this business and ultimately have an edge over others competitors. Many new traders believe that an automated strategy must incorporate some kind of indicators. Well, the truth is you don't actually need indicators to trade, and here comes my article to help you design your own automated strategy using Visual JForex. My last article EMA Crossover System Meets Visual JForex outlined an incredible simple step-by-step guide on how to create your own automated strategy using indicators. Also I strongly recommend you to get used with the Visual JForex interface by watching Dukascopy tutorials.
Unlike my previous article here I'm going to use new blocks and we are going a little bit deeper and make a strategy that's more challenging without using any indicators whatsoever. It's time for y…
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(continuation) GetTimeUnits block-Settings-TimeUnit-Hour

2)London Open group: "IF logic" block uses as first parameter the variable current_time3 that we have just create, this variable stores the time that goes through the candles at the present moment and compares it with a new variable that we are going to create London_Open which has the value 8(8:00GMT) We want to know when current_time3 is London_Open only than the cycle will be completed and move to the next blocks.

Daytrader21 avatar

Just click on the images they will zoom in and thy will become much more clear. If you still have problems with that send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the originals pictures and if you want I'll send you the strategy code to compare your work and see if it's the same.

Maria_r avatar
Maria_r 24 Oct.

wow. Like! +1

juandata avatar
juandata 15 Nov.

Thanks Daytrader, I can finallly see the images. I will send you a message so we can compare the strategies. Thanks.

andysagerli avatar

Daytrader21  Hi, I like this post. I would like to rebuild, but the screenshots doesn't open when I click them. Can You send me the screenshots?
Thank You

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Overview This article will discuss the ways in which emotions influence our trading decisions. We will also consider the mass psychology of FX market participants with a view to utilising their behaviour to improve our trading edge. Man or Machine?Do you want to replace your emotional, impressionable self with an all-encompassing black box to execute your FX trading plan?The vast majority of the most successful traders in the world possess, or have learned to develop, a state of emotional disconnectedness from their trading. The ability to doggedly stick to a plan, even through periods of drawdown, is a testament to their remarkably robotic decision making ability. In a bid to artificially recreate this trait in your trading you may have considered programming, or buying, your own automated algorithm. However, if like me, you find it difficult to calculate support/resistance levels, program recognisable chart patterns, and quantify many other seemingly arbitrary elements with any useful accuracy, you will also begin to realise the sheer number of interlinked factors that must be considered. Discretion, born out of intuition, is often something we exhibit without realising, but it …
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hedonist avatar
hedonist 12 Oct.

@OneGoodTrade: Thank you for your kind comments. In my opinion, psychology should have as equal consideration as technical and fundamental analysis. I don't think any trader can be successful if they have no regard for their emotions.

hedonist avatar
hedonist 12 Oct.

@doctortyby: I have been trying to reply to your comment since Monday, but there has been a glitch on this website. Anyway, thank you for your comment and I'm glad you liked the "psychology behind the candlesticks". With respect to "profitability ratio", it's a bit beyond the scope of this article, so maybe that's something I can address next time. Thanks buddy.

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 13 Oct.

Good article, anyone who mentions Jesse Livermore and Richard Dennis (not Ron Dennis! lol) gets my vote :) I have the books you mention as well. @OneGoodTrade Unfortunately, any articles that have a lot of text to read, or are based on fundamental analysis, or psychology, or have a long term view of the market, or are too techie, get little attention. A few charts with tons of indicators, a few sentences, short time frame, that is what gets views, even if the strategy/prediction is completely flawed. There is little correlation between the quality of the articles and how popular they get :)

hedonist avatar
hedonist 13 Oct.

@SpecialFX: Ron Dennis? The old McLaren team principal, haha! I actually read your article from last month about shorting the YEN. That was really well put together and a good read. Obviously it was good, because it won, lol! I do agree with you about lengthy articles with limited pictures etc receiving low populartity ratings. I should have considered people for whom English isn't their mother tongue. Perhaps I'll make the next one slightly more readable. Oh and Jesse Livermore - Absolute legend. A shame he committed suicide. Maybe there's a lesson to be learnt there somewhere...

bmg avatar
bmg 30 Oct.


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I hope everyone had a great holidays
and year 2012 will be the best year ever, for everyone! This year is
going to be a very interesting to trade. So be alerted and listen to
fundamentals as this time, no matter how technical you are,
fundamentals may give you a great understanding of where the markets
are going to go.
In this article I will write about my
Asia Calm Market trading strategy. I am using this strategy in a
contest. But contest version is not what you want to trade real. So I
will tell what differences should be between live and contest
versions, how both strategies perform and how it works. Also
I have to mention that in this article I talk only about trading EURUSD pair.Strategy contest
version results
First let’s talk about Asia strategy
results in the Strategy contest. I have started to participate in
this contest with Asia strategy since June, 2011 (on May I was using
another strategy). First participation month wasn't very good, but
later I improved the strategy and began to get better results.
Results are in table below.Results are different from month to
month because everything depends on quantity of losing trades. Most
common take profit of this strategy is ~…
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ritesh avatar
ritesh 20 Jan.

thanks for sharing this info buddy +1

bscholes avatar
bscholes 20 Jan.

Where can I download the source code of the strategy?

adask avatar
adask 23 Jan.

You can download my source at my strategy contest page.

adask avatar
adask 23 Jan.

Btw, this month is not very great for my strategy. But currently it's -98 pips. It's not bad as usually first two weeks of the year cannot be traded by this strategy. And I made some mistakes in coding.

kkforex avatar
kkforex 23 Jan.

very nice idea 1+ Thanks for support

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