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AUD/CAD possibility of trendless ?
INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
SUPPORT LEVELS : 0.97182 - 0.98931
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 0.92312 - 0.9410

The AUD/CA is in a slightly bullish tone after a rebounce at the support line at 0.9410 as indicated in fig 1. The pair pattern analysis suggests the possibility possible bounce around the resistance line at around the key level price at 0.98931. The Linear Regression Slope around 0.0032 can be analyzed as slightly bullish tendency.The MFI and the Parabolic Sar can suggest the validity of the figure pattern and the indecision of the market. The chart analysis suggest the possibility of a sell lim pending order at 0.98931 with TP at 0.97132 and SL at 1.0082 . ( Fig 2)
A bearish crossing at 0.92312 can validate a significant bearish domination.
It can be evaluated a forecast level price at 0.97182.
FIGURE 1 shows the triangle formation
FIGURE 2 indicates the forecasting pattern
AUD/CHF Slightly bullish
INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
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When the year 2016 began, one of the first major news items to hit the airwaves was the sudden decline that was noticed in the Chinese stock markets. Stock market circuit breakers were put in place to prevent the Chinese stock market from declining more than 7% in a single trading day; within the first two weeks of the year, these circuit breakers were triggered several times. This stock market decline rapidly spread to other global markets, creating bearish stock markets worldwide.
In the summer of 2015, the Chinese stock market experienced a major stock market crash.
Within three weeks, the Chinese stock markets went down by approximately 30%.
All the major Chinese stock market indexes nose-dived, and yet it took several weeks of selling in the Chinese stock markets before the selloff spread to other global markets. So what was different about this particular 2016 selloff?
Why the panic? The answer is relatively simple, investors were dumping their Chinese shares because there was evidence of the Chinese economy was contracting, and that it’s Government was weakening its currency through its severe interest rate cuts. That is an investor’s answer, the other answer is the fact t…
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