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Principles of success
I think many of traders are too much restricted with fundamental and technical analysis. As a trader, most challenging business in the world, one has to educate himself in strategic and tactful leadership. I would like to share one of the middle age principles that established by samurai, Miyamoto Musashi who lived over 350 years ago in 1643. Later the book was adopted to business language by Donal G. Krause His approach and strategies was studied effectively by western and modern Japanese competitive businesses. These tactics are based on seven principles of competitive success where it is applicable to any business including forex trading.
These principles are:

1. Ordered Flexibility

The ideal of ordered flexibility is summed up in the concept of “positioning without position”. It means basically, preparation, assessment and observation of current condition and readiness to act and respond easily to changing environment. In forex, we have to do our homework properly before the trade execution.
2. Execution
Must be well prepared for the windows of opportunities with patience, order and flexibility. Take the moment of advantage. In forex, it basically me…
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valter 19 Mar.

отличная работа!

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brilliant 24 Mar.

success also is a bless from God

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vugarali 25 Mar.

nice information

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Good Luck

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Beto 28 Mar.

To get success involves too many areas such as psychological, discipline, money management, patience.
Good information.

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When I made my 1st Million by 21 (actually very true) I was asked by my company at the time to do a speach in front of 4000 of the companies Top Employeees & Distributors (not in financial markets) on the subject of "HOW TO KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ALWAYS". Now some where in the Speach I said "one day I am going to make 2 Billion dollars in one year" and of course these older more "intelligent" distributors said "Crazy 21 year old ...doesnt even know what 2 Billion dollars is worth". And to their credit at 21 years old I honestly didnt realize just how lofty a mark that would be. My 20 years of living on the BEACH being retired (at 47 yrs NOW)  has taught me several ways that a winning ATTITUDE can be transferred right back into Forex. 1. Everything is possible !!! (Forex can make you a Billionaire) 2. Attitude is one of your biggest Assets & Enemies (kind of like a Frenemy) 3. Money Management is making sure you have Money left after you call it a day. 4. Dont "ASK" and you will have a much better chance of getting IT. 5. There is a HOLY GRAIL in Forex (you just haven´t found it yet ..but if you keep trying there is a Chance YOU may find it.Why shouldn´t it be YOU who fir…
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doctortyby 26 Sep.

great attitude for a trader and a human beeing... congratulations... +1 and I hope You are Free ;)

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LinnuxFX 26 Sep.

Nice speech, good luck

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ritesh 27 Sep.

Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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very optimistic!

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