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Currency fluctuations in the currency market is essentially caused by the appreciation or depreciation of currencies; at every point in time one currency in the market is either gaining in value (appreciating) or losing in value (depreciation).
The global economic scene is very diverse, with different economic activities and data being processed daily. Economies with strong growth and development tend to have appreciating currencies, while economies not perceived to be doing well tend to have depreciating currencies.
So a currency’s appreciating is directly tied to the state of its economy. When the USD (United States Dollar) is appreciating, what happens to the EURUSD?
The best way to visualize this is to use a scale. If the USD is appreciating over the EUR, it means the USD has more weight or demand than the EUR. So the market will go in the direction of the “heavier” currency.
However, some economies may choose to devalue their currency in order to spur economy growth.
An example is the Japanese yen (JPY), which the Bank of Japan regularly devalues through acts of intervention in the currency markets. By keeping the Japanese yen low, the currency is cheaper and attractive to f…
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The Forex market is a market made up of several world currencies; which are constantly fluctuating, thus providing an opportunity to make profitable transactions as these currencies appreciate and depreciate. The factors which affect the depreciation and appreciation of a currency are unique to the economy which uses the currency.
United Kingdom: GBP
United States: USD
Australia: AUD
The general principle is that healthy economies give rise to healthy or appreciating currencies; so we tend to see a currency appreciating as its economy improves.
This article will look at the indexes of the three currencies listed above; the analysis is purely from a technical point of view. We will examine some fundamental factors which are responsible for the currency’s appreciation or lack of it. The article will also evaluate the current position of the indexes; so that the information obtained can be useful in the nearest future.
United States Dollar (USD)

The USD index has been in an appreciative state since since May/June 2014. There were several factors responsible for this rise, and they all gradually led to a six-month USD rally.
The United States Dollar started its appreciation wh…
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