Magic Levels.
Price levels in most of the trading systems are the starting point for any trades to be made.
Traders are searching for levels, to enter the market depending on the approach, bounce or breakout,
to follow the trend, or against it, with a hope for a trend reversal.
And each trader is using tons of instruments to find this levels, like Fibonacci levels, peaks
and troughs during the specified price cycles, time cycles, Fibonacci cycles, levels confirmed by momentum
indicator, like RSI divergences for example etc...
So basically, there are a lot of ways to search for a levels to trade.
But a lot of traders are leaving aside one of the easiest applicable approaches,
which is giving most fundamentally, psychologically and historically based levels.
I call this approach "The magic levels".
Some traders would recognise it as a round price levels, or sometimes it called "Trading
round numbers". But there is a difference, which makes this approach more significant.
So with a hope that the article will be interesting for everyone, for a professional and for a
newbie, I have decided to write about it.

No matter what your trading approach is, you will use "levels" to enter the tr
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