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The Head and Shoulders pattern is reversal pattern that used to enter a bearish position after a bullish trend, a bullish position after a bearish trend. It consists of 3 types of tops with highest in the middle is called head, left side is called left shoulder and right side is called right shoulder. If the candle breaks the neckline and closes below candle, then pattern has completed.

Head and Shoulders (Bullish and Bearish) rules. When we must open position
1. The left shoulder is set at the end of a precious advance. This movement usually occurs in a high-volume period. After Move up, the price drops to some extent to create a side.
2. After the maturity of the left shoulder, the price reaches a higher level than the left shoulder peak. Then, like the left shoulder, the price move again and falls less. The side should be at the same level as the previous side at the end of the left shoulder formation.
3. In general, the right shoulder is created in the left shoulder and lower volume. The main purpose of the right shoulder is lower the main head.
4. Now the Head and Shoulders model has been created.
5. When we finish all off this rules, we are waiting t…
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Leonko 14 Aug.

ok, very interesting

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alenka27 14 Aug.


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thedoctor 17 Aug.

good article!

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wael1z1z 22 Aug.


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well done!

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There are a fiew reasons that i think the Euro/Usd is going to go lower next week:-First and formost the traders sentiment is still very negative after EU officials have pointed out the need of future stimulus program for the Euro zone. That leads to my personal opinion that every week that the ECB does nothing to restore confidence will result in a lower euro.-The second reason i thing the Euro is going lower (atleast for next week) are a fiew of the chart formations that occur on the daily and four hour charts..1. The first chart that i am going to show you is the 4 hour chart on the Euro/ Usd.. It has only trend lines so we can clearly see the direction of the market for the last week.As we can see we have a nicely formed upward channel.. But dont let this steady move to the upside fool you for a second.. This move is actually a correction that began from the lows of 1.2060 !!  The fact that we are in an upward channel in the worst period for the euro zone in my oppinion makes the next move to the downside potentially very fast and big..2. The second chart that i am going to show you is the 4 hour chart of the Euro/ Usd but with all the indicators that i use on it.From my point …
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kostas19 15 Aug.

Ok my entry was 50 pnts off but that doesnt matter we just broke the weekly central pivot point

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kostas19 17 Aug.

Germany announced that it supports the ECB buying bonds.. This will deffinetly boost the euro

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Brokerage firms between illusion and realityGood afternoon, all the better to love and satisfactoryMorning lights and good things ..-  When we look back together beginning in the field of forex We all know that there are many steps Which hoped to learn at first, to Only recently that the majority of paying attention to this veinAnd a series of errors, duplicate And then learning has passed some of these errors .- Yet fully aware that the novice The importance of capital management After a certain time of tradingAnd then some of the losses that wipe out the profits realized Based on unconscious Is the case with many brokerage firmsWhere pay attention only when a problem occurs with broker As for the withdrawal of moneyOr in some conditions Existing in the contract which you signed With the company without being read ..- When it comes to brokerage firms, the words are frequently And long, There are those who renounce  the company (...)There are those who accuse the company (..) Fraud and theft To another of the stories and topicsYou are aware of them And passed on all of us, whether novice or a professional in this market ..- What I saw my point of view and unfortunately it Often the…
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Its important to choose a good broker first +1

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Abdoo 11 July

@litsat / yep you are right

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Abdoo 11 July

@Edziukas12345 / yes that is the first step

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good keep it up

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Abdoo 29 July

@madihazulfiqar : Thanks

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       Main abbreviations:
§     ROS (point
of control) - the maximum value of the profile
§     VAL (volume
area low) - At least 70% area cost
§     VAN (volume
area hi) - maximum 70% area cost
§     HVL (hi
volume level) - the maximum volume levelValues ​​(number of) points optimized for
futures S & P500, for other instruments used by their values, depending on
the intraday volatility.
1a. In
a falling market, when the current session opens below the VAL yesterday, enter
a short position of VAL and again from the ROS, with a  
stop above         
the VAN (+ 1.5 points).
1b. In
a growing market, when the current session opens above VAN yesterday, enter a
long position on the VAN and again from the ROS, with a
below the VAL (- 1,5 points).2a. In a falling market, when the
current session opens within the VA, open a short position on the last day of
the VAN (- 2 points) with a stop at the level of ROS or before the last day of
HVL (+ 1.5 points).2b. In a
growing market, when the current session opens within the VA, go long on the
last day of VAL (+ 2 points) with a stop at the level of ROS or before the last
day of HVL (- 1.5 points).3a. In a falling market, when the current …
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elen 25 Feb.


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ritesh 26 Feb.

the screenshots are nice, wish you good luck and please write more about it. +1

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urifx 9 May

hi THT, can you share the indicator again. The link didn't work! Thanks

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European Union ends the 2011 year on the brink of economic collapse. Start another one that is threatened by recession, say analysts and experts, in some places and statistics. EU economy to a halt in 2011 and is likely to be restarted minimum in the first half of 2012. What were the most important decisions and mistakes in a year where the euro and EU unity were more threatened than ever? Responses are seen in the five EU summits. How many victims did political crisis? What will change in the EU now?GREECE
BATHS first signs appear in January 2010, when EU report found and
condemned Greece for "serious irregularities" in public finances. The
statistical data were reported incorrectly, and calculations show that
Brussels budget deficit of the country the previous year is revised up
to 12.7% from 3.7%, which meant four times more than the maximum allowed
by EU regulations. In February, Greece announces the first austerity measures and the EU put additional pressure for spending cuts. Was first strikes and protests, Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou while insisting that Greece needs a rescue program. Euro
area and the IMF agree emergency aid of 22 billion to help Greece, but -
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ovidiu_gnt 13 Jan.

Perhaps it will be crisis in the euro area , but is likely to increase euro ? Good luck !

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WallStreet 13 Jan.

if the greece will be fall.the euro will be stronger!

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kkforex 19 Jan.

Great writeup. What do you think will happen in 2012? 1+

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corneliu 20 Jan.

good luck +1 :) interesting

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WallStreet 28 Jan.

euro will be in 13.400 this wait for a low prince and then you can buy stronger on long term!

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MEGA BUY MONDAY  5 december 2011 (ON USDJPY AND GBPJPY) BOJ will make a intervention their minister told that this action will hapen veryy soonFriday, the Statistical Office of Employment in the U.S. announced that in March there was an increase in the number of jobs in non-agricultural sector with 162,000, however, the unemployment rate remained at 9.7%. Although the number was below forecasts (which were 184 000), it seems to signify a return to creating jobs in the U.S. economy still being healing.Among the positive effectsIn almost all industrial sectors has been an increase in employment. Notable sectors in this regard is the construction (which grew by 15,000 jobs), the production (which employed 17,000 employees), and temporary employment (which was an increase of 40,000) . This figure is notable especially because it confirms that employers have sought a revival of activity.Among the negative effectsIn March, long-term unemployed (over 6 months) increased by 414,000 (to 6.5 million). Overall, long-term unemployment affects 41% of unemployed people seeking jobs, a figure that illustrates how hard it back into the labor market.Market reactionIncreasing the number of employees…
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ritesh 10 Dec.

Nice article, keep more coming +1

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Hmm, think this was not the best idea, nonetheless well written article.

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doctortyby 11 Dec.

the intervention didn't happen... just because we expected for it to happen at that moment. Mult Noroc +1

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WallStreet 11 Dec.

good information here.nice work.keep good.good luck in december!

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EyeOfRA 13 Dec.

Informative article. Keep it up+1

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What is the ABC pattern ? In 1935, H. M. Gartley published a book “Profits in the stock market” which described the AB=CD pattern. In today's literature this pattern is known as the ABC pattern. In 1976, Charles Lindsay upgraded Gartley's work adding a formula for the completion of a target for the pattern at point D. The formula explains point D is the length of point A to point B added to the C point.
There is an ABC bullish wave and an ABC bearish wave. A price moves up followed by a retracement in a bull market or down and then up in the bear market. When initial thrust completes a retracement occurs. The retracement should not be nullified. The ABC bullish and bearish pattern is nullified when any price bar moves price equal to or beyond the starting point A. When retracement completes and the price trend continues in the same direction of the point A to point B leg of the move, the point C to the point D leg of the pattern is formed.
ABC waves forecast market turning points and targets. The key points in the ABC pattern is to correctly find pivot points in a chart. When ABC points are marked Fibonacci levels are applied to determine the confluence level of the point D. This…
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Boris 16 Nov.

I like this. Many times I use this strategy for trading. And it does work on every timeframe.

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Very interesting! The example on: http:// also deserve to be analyzed... So, ANALYSE THIS, people!

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Jelena713 26 Nov.

I really like this one.Great job. Keep up.

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