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В этой статье решил описать одну из интересных возможностей торгового терминала JForex - Аналитический Виджет поиска паттернов.
Одним из наиболее популярных видов анализа рынка Форекс и других рынков является Графический анализ. Внутри графического анализа можно выделить такое направление анализа как поиск фигур и паттернов на ценовых графиках. Поиск и идентификация фигур графического анализа является весьма сложным и очень затратным занятием по количеству потраченного на это времени.
На помощь в этом не легком вопросе может прийти замечательный инструмент уже встроенный в платформу JForex, который в режиме онлайн может находить и распознавать графические фигуры анализа на всех доступных к торговле инструментах. Нам с Вами остается лишь запустить встроенный в платформу аналитический виджет – как показано на рисунке :
После нажатия на кнопку запуска виджета нам будет предложено согласиться с «Ограничением ответственности при использовании виджета анализа паттернов 1.0»:
После согласия виджет начнет сканировать все доступные инструменты на наличие графических фигур. Мы увидим примерно такой результат поиска:
перейти на первый найденный паттерн можно кнопкой GO – в результате мы сраз…
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There are lot of similarities between sports and Trading. In this article I am will talk about various sports persons, who are legend in their respective careers. A legend is not merely determined by ascent to the peak of their chosen trade but by their tenacity and enthusiasm of same level of superlative performance to stay at the peak despite various challengers over long term.
Sounds familiar to a trader, I bet it does. How many of us have many outbursts of best performances followed by major losing streaks. We all know if we can allow us to trade at our best let’s say 10 years and be consistent performers, we can be legendary traders. There is one aspect sports persons area of expertise is ‘Sports Psychology’. And I will try to analyze those aspects in this article.
So let’s began with the legends.
1. Michael Schumacher

The name needs no introduction, Michael Schumacher is one such extraordinary legend, who reigns in the privileged extremely competitive and alluring world of Formula One (F1) auto racing. He has broken the most world records for most wins and most championship points in F1. Schumacher holds the records for most world championship titles(7), The most Grand P…
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Hi pip makers, we all know there are three type of analysis in trading. I know you guys well aware of these three things but I have to go through once again so please bear with me till the point of my new and sweet points.
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Sentimental analysis
Technical analysis is studying statistics and patterns generated by market activity in the past prices and volume.
Fundamental analysis is studying everything from the overall economy and industry conditions to the financial condition and management of companies (Assume one country as one company).
Sentiment analysis is a type of forex analysis that focuses on identifying and measuring the overall psychological state of all participants in the market.
Nowadays we combine all then to do trading. But the trading community didn't accept technical analysis as a viable tool for making money until the late 1970s or early 1980s. But according to me I can trade and make good profit with the help of technical analysis without analyzing fundamental and sentimental because technical will show the effect of fundamental in the means of price movement and volume but we need to closely look in to it to identity t…
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February began in the financial markets very wild. Important assets are showing unprecedented or even historically record moves. We observe the sharp drops of brutally growing cryptocurrencies, strong declines in stock indices, bonds and oil, or a swing US dollar strengthening.
For stock indices, it is not yet possible to talk about the final expected turnover, but the drops in the past 6 days are really significant and fast. Daily candles on the US Dow Jones index of over 500 but more than 1000 points are stunning.
The definitive turnover of equity indices does not confirm the intraday development, where the continuing efforts of important Market Movers are still to reverse or at least significantly correct the intraday downturns.
On the other hand, the market's reaction to news in the last days suggests a possible turn of the mines or their proximity. The data is very recent in the US, the results of the companies also, the revolutionary tax reform actually realized, yet the indices started a significant weakening.
The first and one of the major drops in the decline was the 2.70% surplus for US 10-year bond yields in the first week of February. Instead, the analysts now add t…
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1. Abstract.
I hope this post helps to understand one of the tricky situation at the moment of trade on news because is very risky and to give my view
on the new order wiget. This seems to be very interesting and useful but I think it could be best with some improvements.
2. Development.
2.1 Explanation trade on events.
Let's say that before a release event you decide to trade.
In this particular example I will re-create a setup based on a bear flag, so the entry could be placed below of the few candles low.
The stop loos above the last higher high, that means about 20 pips risk with a limit to the nearest lower low.
Till here seems to be a nice setup, also if you check the exponential moving average of 144, means strong downtrend.
Also, after check this setup you can say that the entry could be adjusted at the previous candle low as entry and the high as stop.
That means around 10 or less pips risk to trail the stops each candle.
But, the reality here is other.....
After the data comes on place, the price experiment a jump or explosive movement down side.
And with this filling the stops orders, first the order was filled down about 25 pips and that means your stop loss as well.
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Сегодня хотел бы рассказать о том как можно самостотельно организовать процесс анализа трейдером своей торговли.
Статистика поможет взглянуть на себя со стороны и оценить свои действия, найти сильные и слабые стороны.
Я не использую ни платные, ни бесплатные сервисы, представленные на просторах интернета.
На сегодняшний день я использую информацию, предоставляемую платформой. Конечно необходимо провести определенную настройку обработки занесенных данных с помощью функционала Microsoft Excel.
Первым шагом меня интересовало то, насколько эффективно я торгую тем или иным инструментом.
Для чего я свел в одну таблицу данные о количестве прибыльных и убыточных сделок и общем результате в разрезе каждого инструмента и месяца.
Однако, перед этим мне потребовалось привести информацию о совершенных сделках в удобоваримый для Excel формат.
Все закрытые трейды я вношу в отдельную таблицу в таком виде:
Далее, используя функции выборочного вычисления «СЧЕТЕСЛИМН» и «СУММЕСЛИМН» рассчитываются соответствующие показатели.
Таблично это выглядит так:
Так как, я пробую различные стили и стратегии торговли , меняются длинна STOP-LOSS и TAKE-PROFIT. Для анализа влияния на итоговый результат при…
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1.- Abstract
US Dollar was strong against the JEN until December 2016 touching a zone around 118, but from that time was going deep and deep.
Today the US Dollar has reached a zone around 108 and seems to be forming a correction and maybe that means to be even lower. So, the responsible for that could be the JEN and many people say the next month will gain more ground in the forex market.
2.- Development
The chart below is showing the actual status of pairs with YEN and the analysis of each of them.
There is a strong area around 106.5 and the price action here could reach it these weeks.
The weekly chart has formed a big bearish candle and to see a big swing we need a reversal pattern.
The pound looks less affected here and seems to be going up to the nearest high at 147.5
But if the price action goes lower the next area comes to the support at 130.
The Aussie has affected as well as the US Dollar and the next level of interest are around 80.
If the price action closes below this area, the next level could be around 76.
The Kiwi has the same outlook and the next level of interest is around 74.…
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Forex Market Analysis
This morning, the greenback is trading lower against most of the major currencies, ahead of the US monthly budget statement, MBA mortgage applications along with the import and export price index, slated to release in a few hours.
The GBP is trading higher against the USD. Earlier in the session, data revealed that UK’s ILO unemployment rate remained steady at an 11-year low level in the three month to February, in line with market expectations. Moreover, the number of people in work came in weaker than anticipated in the same period. Meanwhile, the nation’s wages excluding bonus grew at its weakest pace in 7 months for the three months ended in February, suggesting that soaring inflation in the economy is taking a bite out of consumer spending.
The AUD nudged higher against the USD. On the data front, Australia’s Westpac consumer confidence index declined in April. Earlier today, in China, Australia’s largest trading partner, the consumer price inflation edged higher on an annual basis in March. Moreover, the nation’s annual producer prices advanced better-than-expected in the same month.
Yesterday, the greenback traded mixed in the New York session, against …
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1. Abstract
This week seems to be very interesting because the price action is making changes because of the strong US DOLLAR.
So, is very important to have a watch list and follow it and today I will share it.
The information suggested here is not an investment advice and must check it before to take any trade decision.
2. Development
This pair was loosing ground since March 20th who reach a price of 0.775 but at the moment has reach a zone around 0.75
The price at this level was touched by first time on March 8th and seems to be forming a resistance level.
I am waiting for a pattern formation about reversal or trend continuation to make a move.
If the price action can close below this zone, we could see a move lower around 0.73
But if don't a move like correction to the recent lower high to reach the 0.762 zone maybe is the second option.
The recent issues on Siria was the boost to this commotidy and maybe could be around 58$ or more.
This began on March 23th when brent touched the 50$ and since that day was climbing till today around 56$.
A strong resistance is around 57.5$ and a close above this level could send prices even higher.
For now I am waiting for …
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From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to the ticks of automatic trading on the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations - commonly known as NASDAQ and even the buzzing of the blue chip stocks of Deutscher Aktienindex (DAX) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one thing is evident that the major stock markets around the globe has seen a major rally and setting new record highs in the first quarter of 2017.
While argumentatively, all along many persisting bearish factors were and are still present to halt and possibly even more strongly favour the short positions taken in stocks and a major decline of stock market indexes around the globe. Just to list a few of such reasons are:-
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1. Abstract
On December last year, the Euro was in a range area of 250 pips, and then since the beginning of the year fall into a slow decline.
The most interesting here is about cross pairs because these are showing an interesting formation.
Technical analysis says that after a rally moves up or down happen a period of consolidation comes. Then a reversal is more likely.
I want to show the same scenario to the majority of the Euro pairs because these are the most tradable. More that exotic ones.
I prefer to work with the major pairs but not with the minors because of liquidity.
2. Development
The indicators used to this analysis are stochastic(15,5,5), EMA(40) and Fibonacci Levels.
As you can see the same characteristics on all of them, each pair have a particular setup to engage it.
Let's see each of them.
The realistic reward to risk ratio could be 1:1 but in strong moves, the best is 1:2 as minimun.
The chart above shows the price action going to touch a key level around the 161% Fibonacci Level.
The Stochastic is near to make a cross on a sell area.
A conservative approach could be put a sell limit at 161% or below the last candle low with targets at 23% or the la…
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Hi friends, I know you all are waiting for my next article so here I am writing my own experience rather than others.
When I was studying in Engineering Bachelor Degree there was intra engineering college debate competition for young entrepreneurs and topic was “What will I do if I get TEN MILLION RUPEES”.
There were 27 participates and when i got up there were 4 participates left and entire debate all was looking like bike without petrol and they called 24th participant and i thought of sleeping once again but i couldn’t because one funny thing happened the 24th participant also slept and they had to call him four times to wake him up then finally he got up and everybody were laughing at him including me. He came to stage and said to judges it’s no big deal to make TEN MILLION to TWENTY MILLION the main issue in is how to get that TEN MILLION rupees first for invest, If you want the answer select me for the next round. By his answer entire auditorium was shocked and once again he started his work very nicely (sleeping).
Unfortunately judges selected that guy for the next round and while he coming to stage him starting saying I know you are all waiting for my answer. …
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1.- Abstract:
Traders often are excited the moment that saw a pattern like head and shoulder because this can give to us a big profit if is managed property.
But there aren't guarantee that this pattern is 100% effective, this can be because the pattern sometimes is not clear when it comes.
Also, some traders without experience can be in troubles and fall into a bad trade if do not follow the guidelines to approach it.
The main goal of this article is to give traders the tips to catch a clear pattern and avoid those who seems are nice.
2.- Development:
There are tons of information about this pattern, but with my daily research can show to you these small things that could end a bad trade.
This pattern starts to develop when buyers are near or at a point of exhaustion and means that a reversal is coming up soon.
We can identify this and be making a relation with the highs and lows, the trend is changing because price action can not make a new higher high or lower low.
To make it quick, I will make a summary with the bad and good of this pattern.
The theory says that there are few features to know before to trade it, these are:
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Hi, friends I want to share with you all, how I am feeling being a Dukascopy community member. Few days ago one of my relative told me to visit Dukascopy site. His description about Dukascopy was , here you can earn without investing, you can grow in trading with other traders by following them. And there is much scope for personal growth as well. And I am very much happy to be a member of Dukascopy community.
When I visited and opened a community account I found 13 contest to participate. When I compared with other brokers, Dukascopy is the single broker to offer these many contests. And for girls there are different contests as well. Among all these contest one have flexibility to choose a contest which suits them. There is a proverb "sky s the limit", which perfectly suits Dukascopy community membership. Here there is no restriction or there are no terms and condition like, If you win prize you cannot participate next time. So all depends on your hard work and efforts, you can participate in as many contests as you wish and can win prizes as many times.
One thing I liked most, Dukascopy is the only broker which offers free automated trading services. Besides they are teaching ho…
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You are very welcome, and yes this community is amazing.
In the mid-term, we can improve our skills.

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Every time in forex trading we want to enter a position and get the best on profit with confidence and less risk.
Is very hard for most of traders to set up a trade having a lot of information about indicators, fundamentals, trading open sessions and few hours to check the charts.
But we can add few guidelines into our daily checks and to be confident if we see a candle with those features and to say "it could have high probabilities of success with less risk".
The doji or (Kangaroo tail)* is a pattern formation in price action that we can risk on it and get the better without spend hours and hours on the charts.
Candle bullish or bearish
1.- The time frame is best no less than one hour.
2.- The candlestick have very long tails and very small body.
3.- The range of the candle must cover at least 7 previous candles and those candlestick are not bigger in size.
4.- The candle must to be in a zone that has not been trade at least one or two weeks.
5.- The open and close of the candle are contained by the range of the one previous candlestick.
The closing price must be higher than the open price.
The candle mu…
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