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In a 4×100-metre relay race, one runner starts before the other, but in the end it’s the sum of the four runners that determines performance.
This is what automated forex trading is all about, where different indicators are combined to work together in the execution of the trades. The final outcome is more important than the results of the individual components, that is, in a strategy with 3 indicators all indicators have to point to the same thing for a trade to be consummated.
This article is about creating an automated trading strategy using three indicators, namely MACD, Aroon and the Alligator indicators using vjforex. This is a strategy that I have planned to employ in the November and December 2017 Dukascopy Strategy Contest.
Candle Instrument
Candle Period
15 Min
Fig 1: Candle instrument and period
By using the default instrument and default period settings it will become easier to investigate how different currency pairs and time frames impact the strategy.
Open Positions

According to the trading rules of the strategy contest, the maximum amount of simultaneously opened positions is one and any further requests to open a new position will be re…
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fex 24 Nov.

отличная статья!

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TforT 24 Nov.

Well done .

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Uladzimir 24 Nov.

good joob

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BIGBO 24 Nov.


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kish 1 Dec.

хорошая статья

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The Chinese saying goes things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. After more than 11 years falling
down, the GBP/CHF has gone sideways since July 2011. Watch the month's chart, the alligator has slept for a long time, and I think it will wake up in the next few months. The same scene happened in XAU/USD and USD/JPY last October, and we can see what happened to XAU/USD when it claimed to a high point after more than 10 years.
Watch the picture 1, in Augst GBP/CHF has walked out the falling down trend, and began to claim up.The month's RSI is shocked over 50 now, and when we look at the week chart, we also can see the week before last, GBP/CHF created a new high of the nearest half year, and then it falled down again. If this time, GBP/CHF can keep the up-trend and doesn't break the
trend, I think it will at least touch the highest point last year, which created in July 2012(1.5500).
When I try to go into the market, I usually use chaos method to buy or to sell.And at this time, I will focus on the day chart to find the point to get into. I'LL see whether a lowest point in last 5 days will be formed,then I chase the market. When I see the price go up an…
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The following strategy was created solely based on Bill Williams indicators. It makes use of three of the Chaos Theory indicators, which will give us essential technical market analysis.It works on any pair and any timeframe, however, I like to use smaller timeframes in order to keep my stop losses low and enter and exit the market quickly.THE INDICATORSAwesome Oscillator - MomentumDetermines market momentum at a given time on the last 5 bars, comparing them to the momentum on the last 34 bars.Fractal Lines - BreakoutA buy fractal is a series of five consecutive bars where the highest high is preceded by two lower highs and is followed by two lower highs. The opposite would be a sell fractal.Fractal Lines indicator - which comes with Dukascopy JForex - makes it easier to detect and analyze fractals.Alligator - Trend DirectionBill Williams described the Alligator as being a compass, helping to spot the trends and ranges.ENTRY RULESAwesome Oscillator is near zero - which means there is no momentumAlligator is closed and tight and inside the Fractals lines - no trend is definedFractal Lines are broken - it marks the entry to the side the channel is brokenSTOP LOSSStop losses are place…
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tulasi 24 Apr.

it looks like great strategy .can you explain more on how you are exiting the trades.(those red arrows).i would also like to know how it works on longer time frames.

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Thank you scramble!

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@tulasi, on longer timeframes the procedure is exactly the same. However, if you confirm with a higher timeframe, like D1 and W1, you wouldn't come up with many trades. The easiest way to exit is when the price crosses the green alligator line (which is the fastest). For example, on a long trade, you can exit when the price closes below the green line. It is used as a "live" support/resistance. The other way is candle trailing: after a very strong move of a couple or three candles, you can close the trade after 2 consecutive opposite bars, for eg. I recommend the alligator trailing.

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ATjoa 22 Aug.

Hi AlligatorEffect, please check your personal message in Dukascopy. thanks

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Misani 16 Dec.

Do you have back tested it? maybe have you VFS code?
If you combine it with this strategy ( I think the result will be perfect.

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Hi all again. Today I will show you 4 easy forex indicator(r.s.i.,s.a.r parabolic, alligator & cci) used all time by me in the “Trader contest’’and all my transaction. Technical indicators. Use of technical indicators Charts help price in market traders identify trends, while indicators techniques help traders to see power analysis sustainability and trends. If an indicator report a reversal,wait for confirmation before acting in the square. this means the same indicator  wait to provide confirmation and for a period of time or more to get confirmation from other indicators. Patience will help to read right signals. First indicator is r.s.i. (relative strength index) Just give attention to the chart Now: -when you see the line in the ‘’70’’zone and he comeback you must put sell order. -when you see the line in the ‘’30’’ zone and comeback tou must put sell;s soo easy(this indicator is very good for 4h chart and 1 day time frame because exist risk to get false signal in small time frame chart)   Now I will explain the s.a.r parabolic indicator (stop and reversal parabolic indicator) It’s so easy to read this indicat…
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WallStreet 25 Dec.


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ZaraMarian 25 Dec.

merry christmas....good luck

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Mttsng 29 Dec.

good stuff....good luck

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ovidiu_gnt 30 Dec.

Good Luck !

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Drackyboy 31 Dec.


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