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FOREX has never been a financial market in which luck has ever succeeded. On the contrary, how profound you are in the international financial market, closely monitor changes, analyze economic data, and earn a lot of revenue if you can identify risky and profitable points of the market. The path leading to success in the FOREX financial market begins with experiencing in the Training Account.
If you look closely at financial markets
Although the FOREX Training account is a virtual account, all data is in real-time mode. You can improve your knowledge of the financial market by trading on a training account.
  • Recognize yourself
Training account can be traded in the FOREX market for 5 days and 24 hours as well as real-time transactions. By trading in a training account, you will be tested to make your decisions based on your perceptions or logic, and that you have performed transactions. In short, you will be better off knowing your trade through the FOREX Training account, discovering your weaknesses and strengths, and getting ready for trade in the FOREX world.
  • You will gain experience
At the training account, about 100 financial instruments are waiting for you. Identify your st…
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RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 16 Oct

Good & educational article

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Yonggi7 30 Oct


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FXRabbit 30 Oct

Nicely written!

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Here I will write a nice correlation between two kind of sports - Fishing and Trading (Yes from different point of view trading is not only the process of making money but currently I see it as a different kind of online gaming sport) What Fishing Is - This is the process where you have prepared a few things, bait, tools (cord, fishing tackle net and other).
Similar in trading are the instruments (indicators, charts and others).
The main object in the fishing is the fish. For me the main object in the trading is the volatility. Why? Because like for the fish you have to wait whole day (some times weeks or even moths) just for several seconds to few minutes of huge market movements The problem with the volatility is that is can be very hard to recognize it correctly and like in the fishing you can catch a small fish instead of the big one. In trading you can make two things either take the profit before the huge movement in your direction or it can be false volatility with several rangy movements which must be very carefully avoided.
The problem is who is the fish, you or the market. The market is setting several baits so that you stay away when the real movement comes. If you wan…
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Natalia_Kisenko avatar

Very good article!

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RahmanSL 26 Sep

I too have compared trading the forex to fishing which requires tremendous amount of patience and interest....when the market is not moving much, I compared that to small fish nibbling on the bait but then, suddenly, a big fish comes along and strips line off which is similar to sudden market movement which cause the currencies to spike.

Yes, it's very important to keep abreast of geopolitical and economic news (fundamentals) because some sudden events will move markets which can be very different from what the technicals are showing.

Good article and well thought out : )

megajorko avatar

Thank you very much Rahman. I hope that this knowledge will help us to stop act as fish but be the real fisherman :)

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 27 Sep

Like many sports fishing can be addictive and, likewise with trading the forex market, we have to curb our passion : )

annamuzova avatar

Very very interesting. Good article

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In this article I want to talk about not the most obvious aspect of trading - account replenishment.
Money management - it's not just the size of the positions, but also the account input-output. In this article I will try to clarify how to put money into the account: whether to put right much like to leave the comfort zone and a little secret that will save you a lot of nerves and banknotes.
A typical mistake of the beginner in Forex: he opens an account, put there 100 usd at the first day, usually inadvertently, earns $ 20-25, and the calculator is turned on in his head. "Well, then, one day, I made 20$, a week I can earn 100 and 400 for a month. And what if I put 1000 usd? Then I will get 4,000 a month.
And if I sell an apartment of grandmother (still in it, no one lives)......... first page of Forbes waiting for me!"
That is not necessarily the true reality, even if you invest $100 000, don’t just go ahead and place all your ‘egg’s in the same basket’, or worst ‘to give up your day job’, and risk to opportunity to lose it all at some point down the road. Even if you have all the good strategies, steel nerves of and 24 hours of free time per day. Read further and you will unde…
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art_Alena avatar

Отличная работа!

FX_Riper avatar
FX_Riper 22 Jul

By the way, is that Cat been trading lately, looks like he got a good system ....... ))))

Armands avatar
Armands 23 Jul

You made some valid points! In my opinion the most important is to start trading with the money you can afford to lose and if this loss would have no impact on your life. Any more than that will make it psychologically harder for you!

klintons avatar
klintons 28 Jul

Yanett :))

FXRabbit avatar
FXRabbit 26 Ago

Very interesting article!

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Задумывались ли Вы когда-нибудь какую ошибку Вы совершаете как начинающий трейдер торгуя на реальном счёте? Это самый контр-продуктивный способ узнать, как торговать должным образом. На подсознательном уровне Вы открываете сделку заведомо зная что ничем не рискуете. Факт заключается в том, что чем больше риск, тем больше награда. Поскольку виртуальная торговля имеет нулевой риск, то она не имеет никакой награды. Когда вы начинаете торговать на реальные деньги, Ваш риск увеличивается потому что вы учились принимать решения, которые не применимы в реальном мире. Когда вы начинаете принимать эти решения в реальной торговле, это приведёт к финансовому краху.
Чтобы торговать должным образом, трейдеры должны обладать 100%-ми техническими навыками, но они должны применить только 15% этих навыков при торговле. Другие 85% приходится на то, чтобы держать свои эмоции под контролем. Прибыльная торговля является на 15% технической и 85% эмоциональной. Так, как вы держите свои эмоции под контролем? Я выделаю для себя несколько правил торговли на дэмо счетах:
1. На какую сумму открывать счёт? Это поможет максимально приблизить к реальному состоянию Вашего кошелька. Если вы собираетесь открывать …
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Абсолютно согласен, на 100%  с тем моментом, что размер демо счета должен быть идентичен планируемому размеру на реальном счете. Все точно.
А, вот, касательно торговли на демо счетах, то признаюсь, что принципиально, практически, не занимался таким. Почему? Потому что поздно начал торговать на бирже(( У меня шел месяц за год почти))
Я очень мало торговал на демо счете. И я знаю, что это плохо. Но я такой уж я человек и моя время дороговато, выходит, стоит(( Я же из-за этого делал свою учебу дорогой. Мне просто не интересно было на демо счете(( И время жгло(

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Просто, когда ошибка стоит реальных денег, то мы ее быстрее запоминаем)) Самая моя дорогая ошибка стоила мне 1500 долларов за несколько минут((

Sharpshooter avatar

Но я теперь, надеюсь, никогда ее не повторю))

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zarina 25 Feb

согласна ,торговый счет учит намного быстрее !

al_dcdemo avatar

Informative content, nice explanation and writing - great stuff!

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This article is about the deposit management. About methods, that could use to manage,protect and multiply your capital. It could be applicable not only for novice, but also for profitable traders.
So, how to manage within account, when you have a few strategies, that have a different profit and loss?
Let’s take a look on a several variants, that've been tested on a historical tester on Jforex platform:
  1. Multiple Strategies. This method of managing, when you have one account and one or more strategies that trades the percentage of the deposit. The formula for calculating the lot size for trading percentage in my case, is calculated as
    amount=((((equity*leverage)/100)*lots)/1000000) .
    [i]Example: amount= ((((150 000 * 100)/100)* 5)/1 000 000 = 0.75 lot.
    (The formula does not claim to originality, I had seen either in Dukas Wiki, or in the forum of Dukascopy. The reasons for the revision of it, did not arise.)

According to this formula, volumes of trades will be calculated throughout the article.
To check the profitability of strategies I used Multiple_strategies. We connect our strategy to it. Start
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Annuuta avatar
Annuuta 30 Jun

Well done Illya

BeautybyLesya avatar

Здорово! Очень много всего интересного! Спасибо!

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Elena_Dmitrieva avatar

Отличная статья! Очень грамотно и доходчиво написано!

aleks1204 avatar

хорошо молодец!!!

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What is the
article about?
You will see results of an interesting survey of more
than 1500 traders done a year ago at a webinar which I attended. Such a large
number of participants in a survey makes the survey results rather valid and
credible. Please note traders were trading various markets not only forex.
The focus of the survey was to determine how much
money people had for trading and what their expectations were from trading in a
financial sense.
in a survey
BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO or read the rest of the article, please write your view/answers to the
following questions in the Comments section:How much do you believe traders have in their trading accounts on
How much profit do they expect to make per month in % terms?
version of this article is available on YouTube at
Note 1: If
clicking on the video link doesn’t work just copy the link into your browser.
Note 2: The
text below is not an exact transcript of the video.
survey question: How much money do you have?
This question addressed the overall financial
situation of the respondends i.e. in life in general, not just in trading.
Enough or …
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Furian 24 May

greed and emotion alway put money out of our pockets. caoution. Thanks for any support. +1

belman avatar
belman 24 May

great success for the systematic and good trading strategy +1

samijoe avatar
samijoe 19 Jul

is this survey for european markets or world wide ?

RobertBric avatar

@samijoe I don't know the exact nationalities of the people present on that webinar. Based on the time of day when it was held I would venture to say that attendees were from US and Europe because it was night time in Asia and Australia.

PrinceChoco avatar

Very big article, good job

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