Hi, friends.
The key to success is being able to trade your belief systems and have fun"

I have desire, to make a trading system in which I will have a full faith, so always I keep experimenting to find best possible combination of various technical indicators to make a best trading setup which will have high probability of successful trades, means more than 85% profitable trades. It is always suggested that, to use more than three technical indicators to get most correct trade. My first best friend is price action method.
Only 15 to 30 percent of the time does the market trend "

Second I found in BIll Williams Indicator's. Obviously He is a great man who gave most useful Indicators. Another reason is I agree with his opinion that most of the times trend is sleeping and only during 20 to 30 percentage of time trend is Awakening or rising. Next indicator is AC most useful as it changes direction before actual price changes. Another one I found in DMI. Because DMI clearly gives strength of trend. I will explain all these in brief and then I will show how we can setup most successful trading setup using these indicators.
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