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Nearly all Major Financial institutions around the world issue 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year Forecasts so on and so on. They issue these for nearly every asset class from US 10 years - S&P500 - EURUSD etc.But seeing as this is primarily filled with Forex Traders I thought I would share with you the forecasts for the major FX pairs so I will start by showing you the Forecast Curves Mean for all the main contributors from around the world from banks like; UBS, Deutsche bank, Goldman Sachs, Barclays for example.EURUSDWe'll start off with the EURUSD Forecasts, the Green Dashed line shows the mean forecast for the different lengths of time, with the two Purple lines showing the Min/Max forecasts from all the contributors. We can see that the majority of analysts believe the EUR will depreciate vs. the USD 1 Month Mean - 1.3090 / 1 Month High - 1.3450 / 1 Month Low - 1.273 Month Mean - 1.2930 / 3 Month High - 1.3780 / 3 Month Low - 1.226 Month Mean - 1.2790 / 6 Month High - 1.3700 / 6 Month Low - 1.1612 Month Mean - 1.2690 / 12 Month High - 1.3700 / 12 Month Low - 1.12This Shows the historical rolling 1 month mean rate vs. the EURUSD spot rate with the Spread shown in the lower tab. …
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scramble 29 Jan.

very interesting about AUD USD! overall another great article! :)

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bmg 30 Jan.

nice article

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belman 31 Jan.

Good article +1

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doctortyby 31 Jan.

If you were the head of a major bank, would you give for free your forecasts for the retail traders to profit from? Or would you try to mess up with their heads by offering mixed forecasts? :)

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AdrianWS 1 Feb.

While you wouldn't expect them to give anythintg useful for free (or anyone for that matter) they publish these as a way to attract clients (or more precisely their money). So it is in their interest to get some right, especially when with the Nomura example when they 15mio exposure.

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In economic crisis many investors put their portofolio in forex market, stock and commodities.Too many people think that put their investments into commodities such gold are best for future, and also many big banks still holding Gold as their financial backup.During hundred years gold became popular as good investment but since gold ever down more than 5% in one day period (it happened two years ago in 2011 when gold suddenly drop down more than 5% in a day period) then gold is no more safety for long term investment.In 2013 many economic analysis predicted gold will be rise up again, they using economic parameters especially global economic issues as the power to bring up gold again, but I dont agree with them!Why? because I saw that market in 2013 will be more pressure gold down.Gold now became populars as the source for speculation beside currencies and stocks. Gold will be more wild than currencies trading or forex in 2013.In my humble opinion gold still will be down 20-30% from its presents price.Why do we need gold? People no need gold, people need money for life, gold just like other stuff like otomotives and electronics, fashions etc.Some issues said that gold more needed i…
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bmg 7 Jan.

nice article +1 happy new year 2013 +11

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ante777 21 Jan.

Good aricle.

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Very Informative Article

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