Sometimes or many times our daily trading plan doesn't go the way we want even making the efforts to get high results.
Maybe reading the charts, checking the fundamentals and setting up the entries with proper stops and realistic limits but without isn't in sync between our actions and mind to make the winning decisions.

I have read few books about forex market and found helpful information to work the emotional area on my daily trading.
This article is focused on people interested in information about mindset and also can contribute in personal life.

There are wide pages of chapters talking about it, but I want to make a summary more like a handbook and the information provided
here has taken it on the "John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd" in your book "The Wiley trading guide".

We can send positive messages to our unconscious mind by making a simple but powerful process before to start the day focusing on two main thoughts.
  1. Remarking the event.
  2. Remarking the day.
Remarking the event:
To make this we need to think about two events no matter the time of the day:
  • An extraordinary event on the current day.
This can be a good trade about precise entry, well-measured stop, and a high profitable exit.


Repeat in your mind six times the way that you did that successful trade.
  • A bad event on the current day.
This can be a bad trade about late entry, late exit, big loss.


Try to imagine the way that could be done the best way and forget the looser trade.

Remarking the day:
To make this, each evening take ten minutes to reprogram your day:

  • Take less than four things you did well
  • repeat in your mind six times each, if you chose two you will repeat twelve times in total.
  • Take less than four things you would have liked to have done different and do it in your mind.
Remarking the day and event, the next step is to improve factors to contribute success in our activities.

These are our 4 C's:
  1. Confidence
  2. Concentration
  3. Calmness
  4. Consistency

It seems easier for us to remember the negative the failures, rather than positive the successes.

We can use a technique called "making a videotape" in our mind.
It can be done, taking a positive event described on remarking the event / day and make a videotape in our mind.
Each time a negative event occurs we can use the "videotape" to avoid or block the bad one.

Using a negative thought to trigger a positive one.


Before to start the daily trading day, we can use a technique called "zero-to-ten" scale.
Using this we can measure if we are in appropriate conditions to make trading decisions.

We need a space separate of our daily activities, we need to be to focus, no stress, no pressure.
In this space, we need to think in a number rank of the zero to ten scale.

You can choose if the zero is the ideal rank to be free and start the job.
If not, take your time to reduce the rank in order to go to the zero.

To get this I am sure that every single person have a method to get calmness, there are a lot of tips so you can decide
the best to fit you.

The idea is to be relaxed.


Do the same thing every time, the same indicators, the same pairs or stocks,the same procedure to entry and exit into the market.
Also, you can take the time to check your records and make adjustments.
This means that you can improve but not try some totally different.

Try to eliminate fear, greed, hope in trade, maybe you can choose to use a mechanical system to avoid it.
There are authors that suggest choose as target a realistic amount of limits around 20% of the market move.

Perhaps is a little bit hard to follow a procedure that involves a series of steps previous to make a job, but doing that could carry
more benefits in aspects of personal life and business.

Everyone by nature owns the 4 Cs, but using the remarking event technique to send positives messages to our mind was something unknown to me until now.

Before to make any job that involves high risk must be done having a clear mind and no pressure or stress.
I hope this summary helps people to investigate more about trading psychology.
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