Making money from the Forex market is easy for some people, but it can turn into a dream for others. The losers either blame Forex companies for their lack of money or their luck. If we do not make any money from this market, we will almost believe in those who do not win ... But the only answer to the question "Why do I lose in Forex?"
What am I missing ?
Forex attracts the attention of every individual who has some capital and internet. However, these qualifications do not mean that you will get rich if you enter Forex. Never comes across this market without investing in training, without researching methods of earning money in Forex.At this point, the only way to get into the Forex market is to be impatient and impatient. Before trading on Forex, have you done enough to learn the market with virtual money in a demo account? Or are you trained at a brokerage house? Do you plan to use your capital to make transactions? If you did not do any of these, you are inevitable to lose. First you must apply these steps and then invest in the markets.
I tried all but I still can not win
You participated in the training's, you read dozens of books and articles about Forex, you even started trading in virtual money with the demo account ... But you still can not make profit from the market. Even if you lose even in the demo account, one of the reasons is that you are not following the world agenda.Unfortunately, it is not enough for Forex to understand only the trading platforms. In general, you need to be aware of the world and Turkey's agenda and the trend of the economy. Are you aware of how a resignation in the political arena, the setting, the uprising in a country, or the earthquake, changes the demand and value of that country's currency?I think that the value of this currency will rise, and unfortunately it is not a business to invest in this money. Why do you think that currency will rise or fall? What is going to affect the money markets on the world agenda? Such questions need to be a logical answer and you should support the process. Otherwise, if you take a job of fishing and leave the job to chance, the result may be frustrating.
I know it will be
In some cases, you do a very good market analysis and make logical transactions. However, the result is different from what you expected. That's why you can not account for some points while investing.In money markets, history is always a repetition. So crises or opportunities that have been in the market in the past can have the same consequences today. For this reason, do not forget the past while doing your transactions. In similar situations, why have you been in the market, who has earned it, please investigate absolutely. Because you probably will have the same results.
I knew this would happen
We are very sensitive; "I knew it would be like that, so if I had invested in the Dollar, I'd be $ 300 now ..."Why did not you deposit? This is purely investor psychology. Many people are wondering how much they can lose, rather than how much money they can make while doing investment. For this reason he is afraid of doing the wrong thing or doing wrong. Do not hesitate to see what you will be and what will benefit you. Because fear in this market means either not winning or losing. Trust your analysis and foresight, and do not hesitate to take action.
I was not going to change my plan
One of the biggest mistakes in Forex's loss is that it changed its strategy for the first time because of various reasons. Your chances of losing it after you change your position in your process are very high. If you originally plan to come back later, even if it does not make sense to you, be sure to stick to your plan. Remember, your first mind is always the closest to the truth.
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