Everyone, especially FX traders, wants and dreams of becoming a millionaire. It may be difficult if you are living in US, UK or Europe. However if you decide to move to Asia, I have got several easy ways to help you become a millionaire. It's really quite simple and rewarding and you don't have to analyse charts, take big risk or work hard to achieve that dream.
My first tip is that you go to Vietnam. Why? Because with its current exchange rates, you only need to sell US$48.70 to be a Dong millionaire over there. Add a modest US$48,651.30 or just US$48,700 makes you a Vietnamese billionaire. Too easy!
If Vietnam is not to your liking, head next to Indonesia. Change just US$111.70 at Bank Bali and you become a Rupiah millionaire. Why not buy one of their 13,000 islands and live like a tycoon.
The next easiest place to flash your US$ around is South Korea, kimchee capital of the world. Convert a token  US$894 into their currency and you have Won yourself a million. Mind you, all that Won might just buys you a bowl of chicken soup at a street stall in Seoul, drinks not included.
However it becomes more expensive if you decide to sneak into its northern neighbour. You will need to fork out about US$7400 to be a communist millionaire. How the secluded kingdom has a currency eight times bigger than their rich brother is beyond me.
If you haven't decide where you want to become a millionaire yet, it gets a little harder from here. Travelling south to the Philippines, you will need to sell about US$23,474 in order to claim yourself a Peso millionaire and proceed to have a thrilla in Manila with Manny Pacqiao.
Your dream will not be complete if you don't try to be a millionaire in the World's most populous country, China. To stand tall above more than 1.4 billion people and be address as Emperor Renminbi, you will need to bank in US$159,745 with a Bank in China.
Going to Malaysia is worthy of consideration for its cheap petrol and exotic food. If you don't mind the occasional floods, be ready to shell out up to US$330,000 in order to proclaim yourself the Lord of the Ringgits over there.
So where is the hardest place in Asia to be a millionaire then, you ask? The honours are shared jointly by Singapore and Brunei, who have their currency linked to each other. However this is where their similarities end. In Brunei, you'll struggle to find a condo in the city, while in Singapore, you'll be struggling to find a city condo that costs below US$1000 per square foot. And the US$796,812 it takes to become a Singapore millionaire is now only good for you to own a one bedroom 200 square foot shoebox apartment with a view of your neigbour's kitchen!
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