How did I come to conclusion that avoiding pairs with USD might be a good idea for some time?

Although I agree that US election definitely was a great, tradeable opportunity (though not an easy one), right now I see no certain direction that FX majors will go this month. After the election things went out totally out of control. We had several situation when USD moved opaque to data reads due to new President's decisions causing major upset and mayhem across the markets. Probably some will say it is their kind of environment to trade on - volatile, sometimes rapid. Yet everyone has to agree that we have a high risk of unscheduled and unpredictable events moving USD now in a rather unknown direction.
Sometimes it is better to play safe instead of lose looking for enormous moves, in other words, better safe than sorry. The conclusion to avoid USD pairs for some time comes logical as we should base our trades on past, meaning technical analysis or on extrapolation of past data, meaning fundametal analysis and both do not work as it should now. It is also difficult to base trades on Mr Trump since he uses to tell contradictory things.

Is there anywhere to run?

Yes, there sure are certain areas where we can trade in a more predictable and safer environment. I believe markets that do not react to US or GB situation much or that react to uncertainity itself are a good place to start our search. Though USD moves affect whole markets to some extent, certain currency pairs have both of their components similarly affected by US or GB policies as those would affect both of the countries those currency pairs concern in similar fashion. I also noticed that general trend of the most of commodities also stays quite stable.
My proposals
  1. NZDJPY & NZDCHF NZDJPY is a cool to trade pair even in the current strange political environment. The pair still moves very technically and is fundamentally affected mostly by the economies of New Zealand and Japan or their monetary policies, rather than what Trump decides on Muslims, Mexicans or Brexit talks. Both countries were always not an EU members and have own deals with US, GB, EU etc. There is also a lot of trade between NZ and Jpn as the countries are relatively close to each other. On the picture we can see NZDJPY with Ichimoku cloud (indicator works great here). NZDCHF is kept in an ascending channel, driven mainly by interest rates divergence and commodity prices ameliorating. The pair might have sharper reactions on safe haven flows than NZDJPY. Apart from this, case is similar - both NZ and Switzerland are not a part of the EU, there could be slight to no changes due to new US President in the countries trade deals etc.. It is also difficult to imagine NZ to being favored by over Switzerland or opposite in the nearest future in terms of trade deals and international policies.
  2. AUDJPY & AUDCHF - the case is similar to kiwi dollar, additionally aussie will profit from appreciating gold that is a good safe haven nowadays.
  3. AUDNZD The most safe pair to play in unpredictable environment. It could be considered generally as 2 regions having their currencies in terms of economy. Those countries are very close neighbours that are distant from anywhere else. Pair is driven by commodities (mining commodities for AUD, esp. gold, food and natural commodities for NZD, esp. dairy) and monetary policies of the 2 countries. Any safe haven flows, macro political trends, basically almost everything that does not concern any of those 2 countries directly, will have slight or no effect on the moves on this pair. Do you see Trump elections or Brexit on this graph above?!
  4. XAU When there is no superstrength on the USD, we see graph like this one on gold. Trend and direction are so obvius, I have omitted any indicators in order not to blurr the obvious.
  5. Pairs with CHF but not USDCHF, EURCHF, GBPCHF. Generally CHF could get some strength due to safe haven flows while on the other times it will overally weaken due to interest rates. Switzerland as a country is unlikely to be directly affected by the new policies or EU changes as it is consistently neutral country. Pairs including CHF and any other currency of a country not much depending on US unlikely to be aimed by Trump's restrictions might be generally a considerable options for those who want to sleep well.
This was just a short list of proposals, to give general idea of which way to search for keeping profits consistent this and maybe some following months.

If you feel an urge to trade USD or GBP anyway...

It is still possible to get profits with those currencies. You have to remember certain changes that occured lately. Your stop losses are much more likely to be hit due to unpredictable volatility spikes, much bigger than usual and you might need to wait a lot longer for your take profits to be achieved even if technicals and fundaments prove you were right.
GBPUSD is an extreme case right now, as it has abnormal potential to break any kind of technical or fundamental rules. As we cannot really asses what kind of ravage for the market are President Trump and British populists capable of bringing, trading GBPUSD might turn out to be an utter gamble.
If you are definitely going to keep USD and GBP your main currencies for this month's trading - either have news always turned all when a position is opened or use humongous SL and TPs if you are to keep a position for the night. Worth to remember your profits might become very inconsistent that way, yet where there is a gamble, there might also be a big stake to win.

Please wite in the comments section if you have any other interesting ideas on how to deal with the current unusual volatility unpredictability
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