• Abstract:
Investments on Forex Markets require experience, knowledge, technique, but most important a trading plan.
Before to risk any capital, investors keep searching opportunities that seem attractive to get in.
When the investor has work usually on demo accounts by few months or even years, the next step is to jump into live accounts.
But at this time, working on reading charts maybe is bored by the mechanical procedure to follow a defined plan.

The proper option could be, to put this knowledge into an automated strategy or script that contains in code lines
the trading idea to let the job to a machine.
Also, this could help to avoid things like to be watching the charts every time and or make decisions by emotion.

So, now the new goal is to find how to make this, and best how to improve performance and more over profits.
  • Automated trading on Forex Markets:
Working on automating a trading plan, can sound hard job but maybe it's simple. It depends on most cases of a previous
background and the system to use.
Perhaps people doesn't like to risk your capital on systems because is very difficult to put in lines code a detailed sequence tasks.
Others maybe opt by purchase scripts to make that operative task that represents few daily hours.

In my experience and opinion, buy a script or system isn't the better because every single person has a personality and trade is about the way that you are.
So if you want a trading system that reflects your personality maybe put it on a script by yourself could be best.

My background is a systems engineer, and a few months ago was working several hours per day creating scripts to automate strategies on meta trader 4.
My preferences says, that I like very much create and develop code lines, and create a simple strategy on MT4
has about hundred of code lines and a lot of time, also all are created manually.

Since I started out working on Visual Jforex simply I am very impressive with the power of their features.
So, today I want to describe the main characteristics of two platforms that I am involved in creating automated strategies.
The sole purpose is to describe my experiences working on both platforms and my thoughts.
  • Table of main characteristics:
  • Conclusions:
From the user viewpoint, the best option could be to have a system easy to use but powerful in their capabilities.
Maybe the majority of investors doesn't have the whole background to write lines and lines the programming code to get ready a strategy.
to get ready a strategy.

Is very important to have some knowledge, about programming platforms to get started working on automated strategies.

I found simple and robust the platform visual jforex. The most of the work is done.
It is like the puzzles, you needs to take the small pieces to build something awesome and the time required is less than days.

By the other hand, MT4 is a powerful platform but it requires to much time to do the job.
Also, need to be configured properly and the time to optimize the final strategy needs a lot of more time.

People who don't meet the visual jforex, maybe could have a try.
I am very sure the result at the end in short time will be a great discovery.
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