1. Introduction to Subconscious Mind:

The number one problem that many traders face is not what they think, and they are also widely misunderstood. The problem is not in the markets, lack of capital, opportunity or lack of discipline on the part of the trader. It is a self-destruct problem to calculate currency trading and occurs mainly for one reason.
Your subconscious mind, which is another part of you, but on a more informed and more direct level, tries to protect you and tries to do the right things. What many traders regard as normal circumstances, fueled by feelings and mistakes and endless battle with discipline, is actually self-destruction.
When everything is as appropriate and as it should be, the natural conditions are calm, confident and a sense of security. There was no doubt, anxiety, insecurity and sometimes fear, signs that something was missing.
The mistake is to think that emotional trading is the way things should be done, and the fallacy is the notion that good trading comes only from desire or discipline that goes beyond emotions.
Your emotions are simply your subconscious mind telling you that something is wrong and you have to deal with it.
If this is true, then where does this come from? What causes the currency trading account to be destroyed?

2. Personal Matters:

Personal topics that have nothing to do with circulation and which are related to your person and are not directly related to trading, such as personal picture, merit for success and beliefs about money, your idea of money you heard about from your family and your teachers During growth.
While most traders when opening a trading account believe that this area they should focus on. Any positions here are small enough to be a real obstacle to your progress. If you are not well enough on money, success or discipline, you will not be in a good position to trade. Just the fact that you are here is proof that you have what it takes to trade.

3. Matters Related to Trading:

Trading related issues include your trading experiences that are following you, causing hesitation or excessive trading, etc., and are directly related to your trading history. Those mistakes you have made in the past and which appear to be remembered by certain guides in your current trades.

4. Skills And Abilities:

With regard to skills and abilities, when a person enters a new profession (such as trading) and is not ready for the job, the situation will be stressful, emotional and challenging. Unfortunately for most people, they think when you start trading that all you need to become a long-term trader is learning how to track the system. As a result, the many aspects of being a profession and a personal business are completely ignored.Since most traders do not have the same experience they can, they do not even know what they know. This is especially true with regard to organization, planning and starting a business. Many traders did not do this before opening a currency trading account, and they do not have that full knowledge base.The incomplete or inappropriate training that most people get at the beginning of their journalistic career has gaps, which usually take years to cover, if covered at all.Your subconscious mind knows this and it is often a major reason to destroy you, because you know that you do not yet deserve the rewards of good business, and you are no longer the business leader and commercial minded person if your focus is only on "making some money".

5. Educational Tools And Resources:

Good tools and resources are absolutely necessary in any professional activity. Without good tools, the results suffer, such as trying to play golf using a bow tie or playing tennis with a broken bat.
In addition to the good tools, you need skill, practice and knowledge to ensure that your trading systems and trading processes are strong and therefore able to rely on them to give you good performance and achieve your goals and aspirations now and in the future.
Many traders have never learned to evaluate the methods or systems to see if there are functional issues that will cause problems when applied when they have a currency trading account.
These gaps in capacity are the main reason why some traders spend 5, 8 or 10 years or more in suffering with the same subjects. They often work with a system that has flaws or weaknesses and believes they are strong and believe that the problem is their inability to comply with the system, while the problem is in the system itself.
They mistakenly believe that they know everything you can know about how to become a trader, and therefore never think about dealing with these topics.
The good news is no matter how long you are trading, when you deal with these gaps, you will start to work differently and it becomes easier to abandon and change past patterns.
As with the majority of traders, I expect you are above average and that you have what it takes to succeed as a trader. You simply need to fill in gaps in your training. When you do this, your results will improve and the whole subject will become much easier where you can manage your currency trading account with confidence - and your subconscious mind will have no reason to destroy you.

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