The 45th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva will kick off on March 29 and last for a week at Palexpo in Switzerland. It is one of the biggest events in the world to be solely dedicated to inventions. Last year, the conference had more than 750 exhibitors from 48 countries showcasing their creations. It included works from commercial companies and enterprises, inventors and private researches, universities, associations and financial organizations. The event was attended by more than 60,000 people.

While I was working for Horyou, I had a chance to visit this show where inventors from all over the world come to showcase their incredible works. We’ll probably be using some of them in the next 10 years! It was incredible to interact directly with the inventors who talked about their projects, and make fruitful contacts with many other manufacturers, users and entrepreneurs, both national and international. I’m glad I was given a chance to photograph their excited faces and creations.

A few of the many fields present there caught my attention, among which environmental protection, energy, watchmaking, domestic appliances, medicine, motors & cars, to name but a few. My personal favourite was this electric scooter. There are many electric scooters out in the market, but if you had to choose one, it’s a tough competition out there. The XO2 urban transformer is light, very low centre of gravity and exceptionally easy to handle. It has a maximum speed of 120km/hr and the battery could be fully charged within 1h30m. What makes this invention stand out is that it can be folded to be carried anywhere you like!

Some other projects that caught my attention were:
  • Scratch proof thin film on glass by Cathay Photonice Ltd : Most of us can’t stop using phones, we are so attached to them. This technology of using ultra-thin layer of sapphire onto a chemically strengthened glass is an amazing invention to keep your phone display’s free of scratch.
  • Tenpin Bowling Marker by Insitut Pendidikan Guru : why should the physically disabled people not be able to play like normal people? This invention consists of a side railing and front marker which helps determining appropriate standing position of the bowler and increases the accuracy of hitting the target.
  • Waco Pen: Being an artist myself, I think this innovation could trigger a new revolution in visual art. It’s a two-in-one coloring brush that has a watercolor function while it can also be used as a pen.
Last but not least, my most favorite: cosmetics. I was very happy that I was offered free samples from Durga Silver – Hair care made of Ayurvedic products, Pandora – hair care made from essential oils and ESHEL – product made from the minerals from the Dead Sea; I went back home with a big smile on my face.

The Geneva Inventions event was a very rich experience. Being surrounded by great personalities, it was definitely a wonderful way to invite people to join our global networking platform and to keep up the inspiration by promoting social good through our communication technology.

Looking forward to another excited year filled with incredible innovations!
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