The Euro and the ECB

Although not apparent at this stage of the global economic crisis, nobody surprised that the monetary authorities of the major currencies are now all for making tremendous efforts to depreciate their currencies. Implementing right and left its monetary policies, setting meager interest rates and well weighted here and there, massing the asset purchase programs (such as "quantitative easing") in the United States and in Japan etc.. They say that soon the green shoots come for all economies, and meanwhile printed and printed paper with no real monetary value ..

Broadly speaking, we know that with all these tricks and they only seek whippersnappers keep their exchange rates to boost exports reduced to necessarily make them more competitive against the periphery countries and the third world who are always the big losers. Now regarding the Eurozone, we know The ECB not has among its institutional mandates direct or indirect intervention in the currency markets.

It is known to us who follow daily the exchange rates in forex whenever you publish or magnify certain information on the economic status of the Eurozone (or leaves Draghi to chatter) which usually have the immediate effect of market depreciation value of the euro and volatility of a few hours it makes infumable. And try to impress To control the appreciation of its currency. Creating confusion, panic calling and, incidentally, weakening the euro. However, today it is known that such maneuvers are lies that are easily and quickly discover the market rejects those fears unfounded and returns to resume his path in the long run.

It is therefore my opinion on currencies that have intersections with the Euro, continued its upward trend in the coming months. Course also due to improvements in the fundamentals side has had the Eurozone and that interest will remain low for a long time, although we say that only for 12 months, and as always it is hoped that all the time will improve, leave everything there. Not forgetting also data this week to bring the U.S. Federal Reserve and its change in strategy. This volatility is beyond question for this week.

My forecast is that the ECB will stand firm in their rates today

Minimum Bid Rate Eur 0.50%

The green shoots we leave for the year 2017 that the most will be the new formation of a European Union and its upcoming new inflationary bubble. I hope today and always be many pips to all.

Good trade.

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