Focus on your skill and physical approach to the system. Pressing the wrong key or clicking the wrong trading instrument can lead to significant errors and significantly reduce your deposit because of a simple accident or carelessness. Before introducing the system of the application and open positions, think for a moment and appreciate their condition, make sure that nothing prevents you to trade, you are calm and focused on trading. Typically, sophisticated electronic platforms allow trading in a demo mode to see how it works and get comfortable with all the buttons and functions. When the work becomes familiar with the system, it will be easier to maintain concentration and accuracy.
Successful e-commerce requires a certain skill in each of these moments. The more you know, the better you are prepared for unexpected market situations. Your preparation begins long before you sit down in front of the terminal and open positions. It requires attention to the market and the current situation. But it begins with things that can be formalized as your trading mindset.
No matter how well an investor savvy about economics, technical analysis and mathematics - the knowledge in these areas only provide correct and successful solutions, but does not guarantee that all transactions will always be correct. Perhaps an element of the game in each trade, and was, in fact accurately predict at any given point in time the future level of the market almost impossible. Or the weight of the same trading and is the science of how to increase investment capital?
The greatest minds on Wall Street long argued that such "investments" and "speculation" and what is the difference between these concepts, however, despite their efforts, yet they have no generally accepted definitions. Some securities are considered speculative, but it would be logical to consider them as and investment, in other cases, the tools are considered safe investments such as government bonds or interest rate instruments, but still there are investors who buy and sell them exclusively for the sake of speculation. Even more confusion makes the fact that in the long term and short-term investors, market participants often lose money, and speculators often earn so we can say that the distinction between these concepts lies in the ambitions of the people.
Trading sentiment in relation to electronic trading has repeatedly been discussed, given the popularity of the Internet. This caused a conflict of interest in the categories of investment, speculation in the wake of a multitude of platforms for e-commerce, produced by companies brokers. The interest was more with the advent of other forms of electronic games, such as virtual casinos or internet auctions. Many traders believe that electronic trading is similar to computer games or slot machines - the only difference is that the tokens to trade much more expensive. This raises two questions: Does the increase of users of electronic trading systems that more people became interested in the financial markets and thus make informed investment decisions? Or the emergence of new technologies for the games is only a substitute for "investment opportunities"? Bring to your attention the following examples:
Dear private trader in Singapore, every day should be your trading plan. At 8 am, he turns on the computer and checks the work program for the electronic trading before the session. It checks to see what had happened at night on the American markets, reads the morning survey, which publishes its agent, update your graphics and notes. As a member of several chat groups, he discusses the markets, reading Internet discussions that took place at night and spreads a word with the traders sitting in an online chat rooms. By 8.45 he was ready for the opening of markets in Singapore. He sells disciplined and controls your deposit. In most of his decisions is an analytic study. After a break for lunch, he goes out breathe in, probably, incidentally making shopping or doing exercises. However, it continues to monitor multiple markets and currencies quotations to be ready for the next session. By 16:00, he again sits behind his trading terminal watching the closing of the Singapore market and preparing for work in the European markets, which is about to open. It trades at a time when the European session is not over yet, but in the U.S. are just beginning to open up and, depending on their employment, to two o'clock in the morning may end up selling.
The agent looks at the life insurance market surveys that morning, sent him an email a few brokers in the form of mailings. As a former dealer in futures, it basically draws attention to fundamental analysis, looking at the graphs of the signs of strong trends, which correspond to the development and state of the global economy. Until the transition to electronic commerce, he opened the position in the currency futures market, mainly for three to five days. Then he called his broker, placed an order and asked to call back when he was executed or when the market there were significant changes that could affect the position. He successfully sold. The main thing for him was the preservation of capital. When he began to use the electronic system, everything changed. With the screen with quotes on your home computer, and in dealing center, he found himself on the fact that constantly distracted, watching the market and their positions. He also observed, and for other markets, which could lead intraday trading - futures contracts on the Asian and Australian indices could carry up to twenty transactions during a single session. Since using the electronic system, he could independently change the order, he often has to change the exercise price of their placed orders, and he did it 20 times before the market went in the channel width of 5 points. His daily activity has increased to one application every two days up to 25 orders a day, because he paid more and more time trading. In addition, he has become engaged and spread-betting through the same broker - this can be done in the same trading platform to speculate on or hedge risks, as collateral while he served as a credit card. Moreover, you can bet not only on the financial instrument but also for sports and entertainment events. For four months he tried all the products and considers himself a break even. However, the cost of his time and energy in managing all of these portfolios can not be compared with a profit. So a month later he withdrew all the funds from your account and suspended it.
The pilot of the international airlines have heard that his colleague, trading futures online. Particularly impressed with the pilot stories about how you can get a steady income for several months, trading at the intraday movements of the small-Singapore and U.S. indices. The same week he opened the e-trading account and gained access to markets through their home computer connected to the Internet. As it happened, he immediately got into a strong movement in the local and global markets. At the same time he watched the financial news on cable television. His agent asked him to trade contracts on the Singapore MSCI, because this tool is not as volatile as the others. During the trading session, watching the screen for a few minutes, our pilot noticed that the prices for buying and selling rapidly growing. Then he bought a contract and after a few minutes closed position with a small profit. Using this "strategy" monitor market prices for the next three weeks, the pilot made a profitable and losing trades. Due to the nature of their work, the pilot a few days spent at home, between flights, and all his free time spent on trade. Then the fever increased, he added the money on deposit, to be able to run large logs on the more volatile markets. He started trading in European markets, working up to 5 lots of contracts to a very volatile index FTSE and DAX, and in the evening switched to the U.S. S & P. He still used his strategy to "monitor prices", but it has seemed less relevant to the instruments, whom he traded. Its losses grew faster than revenues because of losses and charges. By the end of the sixth week of the pilot is four times brought new money into your trading account. His agent was very pleased, seeing that the client makes at least 50 trades per day. In addition, the pilot wanted to have access to the markets and when it will be abroad during their flight, which decided to establish a trading platform on your laptop. However, all this for him soon ended up in three months he had lost almost all of your deposit broker and asked to suspend his account until such time as he will soon bring more money.
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