• Almost any trader who starts trading on the new platform, feels uncomfortable or even experiences unbearable distaste for it, cursing it's "stupid" creators. Fortunately, I did not know the whole bouquet of those emotions when a month ago, began trading on the Dukascopy's options platform. Not because it is flawless, but because I have very little experience with similar platforms.

  • In the process of working with the platform, one thing caught my eye immediately, there are other disadvantages implicit. So what do Ducascopy need to become a butterfly among other options platforms...
  • In fact, a little bit. Let's start from the beginning.

  • 1. Pending/Active Opions area.
  • I have to say that working on a laptop with a screen size of 13 "and 15". So I do not know if the problem is on the big screens. The maximum number of visible pending orders or active options are 3. In this case, it is necessary to fully retract one tab, the second full stretch. Also, why duplicate the Opions Log line at the bottom, when there is a tab at the top. Strictly speaking, this is the way for pending/active options. Make a separate tab for each.

  • 2. One click trading.
  • Last month, I described the strategy with MACD indicator. It involves working with the time of the option's expiration for 1-3 minutes. That is, rather quickly to make a decision and send the order. But it needs 2 times to confirm the execution.

  • It is necessary to have a choice to trade in a one click. Like in JForex.

  • 3. One price line on the chart.
  • At first, I thought that the two moving price levels only on the Tick charts. Good. Bid and Ask. But then, when switched on the 1 minute chart, and chose only the bid price. Mysterious second line was followed by the first. Of course, this is purely a visual effect. But when it looms near your strike price, you can not immediately understand, are you in Green zone or in the Red. And if you look at the active options area... you can not see that. Because, see point 1.

  • 4. Re-enter the stock ticker.
  • In the day options competition I encountered one glitch. When I enter a stock ticker on the left side, there is a drop-down menu. Then I chose the necessary and on the right I see Information about the stock and its chart. But it disappeared in the ticker line. And if I was going to make a deal on it, I had to enter the ticker again. So it turned out a half the time.

  • Conclusion.
  • This short opus will be interesting first of all to those who work with the binary platform. Maybe I'm in something wrong. And someone has questioned the importance of these comments from me. Partly I agree. Because it is possible to trade with it. And you can add news, chat for communication and so on. As people say «the devil is in the details». But we have to work on the bugs, because we want to become a Butterfly among others.

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