Hi, friends I want to share with you all, how I am feeling being a Dukascopy community member. Few days ago one of my relative told me to visit Dukascopy site. His description about Dukascopy was , here you can earn without investing, you can grow in trading with other traders by following them. And there is much scope for personal growth as well. And I am very much happy to be a member of Dukascopy community.

When I visited and opened a community account I found 13 contest to participate. When I compared with other brokers, Dukascopy is the single broker to offer these many contests. And for girls there are different contests as well. Among all these contest one have flexibility to choose a contest which suits them. There is a proverb "sky s the limit", which perfectly suits Dukascopy community membership. Here there is no restriction or there are no terms and condition like, If you win prize you cannot participate next time. So all depends on your hard work and efforts, you can participate in as many contests as you wish and can win prizes as many times.

One thing I liked most, Dukascopy is the only broker which offers free automated trading services. Besides they are teaching how to make strategy, which is amazing. They are conducting webinars on strategy making and other things. There are several other things which are unique on Dukascopy site. Dukascopy TV offers several useful things from analysis, forecast of forex markets to entertainment.

Some contest have multiple benefits, as winner will win the prize, but it also helps to others. Two of them are STRATEGY CONTEST and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS CONTEST. Apart from participants others can learn many things from these contests. Like, in strategy contest I checked many winning strategy and learning how to make them. Other benefit I got that I can compare various strategy at one place. I can copy that strategy and run that in my account to check how it will perform in different conditions. Like this there are many benefits from strategy contest. It motivates participants to make more and more profitable strategy and with it, offers others traders to learn and copy that strategy.

From TECHNICAL ANALYSIS CONTEST I am learning many things. I have checked many analysis and learned how to use tools. And it also helping me in trading to check trends of currency pairs, their support resistance. And on one pair, I am getting different view points.
So its very helpful in choosing trade.

One interesting thing I found in FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS CONTEST, you must have friends to support you, otherwise you can't win. So it implies to article contest and same in I LOVE EXTREME CONTEST there also you need votes. I LOVE EXTREME is all about adventures. If you love to do adventure, here there is a scope for you. Dukascopy awards your adventure also. POKER CONTEST is very interesting, enjoyment with earning those who love to play cards, its win win situation for them, play for free earn for real.

I liked most, because of its unique nature you keep working and accumulating Dukats you will surely get prize, as it gives prizes up to 100th rank. For writing all these things about DUKASCOPY I have only one reason, I am very much happy to be a member of DUKASCOPY COMMUNITY. Thank you Dukascopy for offering us these many opportunities to grow.
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