The webinars are an essential element to the whole Dukascopy Community experience. The top three winners of the Trader Contest, Strategy contest and Article contest are required to take part in one broadcast of Dukascopy Community TV before the prizes can be credited to their account.

The article was motivated by questions the author has been receiving on how winners of various contests could unlock their prize monies. The second motivation is aimed at giving ideas improving the quality and attendance of webinars.

Functionality of the Dukascopy Community TV.

The main link to the Dukascopy Community TV is, Dukascopy Community TV.

The participation rules tab will give the user the rules governing the participation in the webinars. The rules spell out the broadcast model, registration rules, criteria for valid webinar topic and presentation, key limitations, payment conditions, intellectual property rights and other rules and policies

Fig 1: Participation Rules tab

The propose your topic tab allows you to select the date and time of the publication, the topic, language, purpose of the webinar and a brief description of the proposed webinar.

Fig 2: Propose your topic tab

Once the terms and conditions of participation have been agreed with then the Dukascopy Research Team will need to review and approve the presentation.

Improving the experience of webinars

As a regular participant in the Dukascopy community TV it is imperative that I make contributions on how the experience can be made better for the benefit of all stakeholders

  • More Interactive

The conducting of the webinars should be more interactive. This can be achieved by allowing participants to hold joint webinars which will provide more discussion on the various topics under discussion. With two or more people actively participating in a discussion this may urge other users to join in the discussion as well.

The second point on making the session more interactive will be to give the research team members following the webinar to ask questions toward the end of the webinar. With participants being asked questions on the subject matter under discussion or any other relevant questions will make them be more prepared for the session.

  • Time Scheduling
The other key aspect that need improving will be the scheduling of webinars.

Fig 3: Select date and time tab

The users will need to be encouraged to stick to a particular time slot on a regular basis. The will make it easy for followers of the participant to be able to plan accordingly and be able to follow their favorite presenters. The research team should also follow up with users if gaps arise in the schedule. This should ensure that the busiest periods in the day are occupied.

  • Price and News Tickers
There should be a price and news ticker on the webinar page. This will ensure that guests to the webinars will be able to keep abreast of other developments in the market. This will attract and retain more viewers to the webinars.

  • Social Media

Social media should be used make Dukascopy Community TV more visible. This can be done by adverts, dedicated pages and having participants share the experience on social media.

  • Question and Answer session
A slot for question and answers should be reserved regularly. In this slot members of the community especially the newbies will get an opportunity to understand the community more. This will present an opportunity to grow the community as well as the viewership of the Dukascopy Community TV as this will become an avenue to get responses to some pertinent questions.

  • Prize Money
The impact of prize money will need to be well thought through. Increasing the prize money may increase the number of participants to the webinars but may not increase the quality of the presentations and the viewership. This may result in reduced standards of the webinars. However the participants should be encouraged not to be motivated by the monetary gains but delivering a quality product.

Final Plea
The Dukascopy Community TV is a great place to be and it is the duty of all of us to make it a great experience. This represent views of the author and let us use this forum to discuss, critique and add new ideas to make the experience worthwhile.
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