Sorry for my English, thinking an article you like and you understand it.
I like all the new traders start with the forum and am going to tell you what it is, because not all realize that it really is. Many of the traders learned to trade, so far, they write their sentences in their crown settlements. think that there can together solve some problems and arrive at a correct conclusion, but almost everything that was written, no rational decision-making has not, since all of this writings is more like crap than a logical thought. If you are ever copied on the forums, you probably know that it takes all the time in which you can develop your trading skills. All the so-called forumyane, eternal residents forum, trying to show how smart they are by writing very same nonsense, and praising a colleague, who supports them, waiting for him and praise. Almost everything that is discussed on the forums does not help very well to trade in any way, and all those things on which we must focus our attention immediately put on, you know what and contemptibly thrown away.

Promotions carried out dealing centers, such as throw their low-profit work and get rich in the foreign exchange market. In the end, no wealth, and a lot of deposit prosazhenny spent nerves. Are looking for untold wealth, you first learn to earn at least a minimum, it's better than seeing a couple of bucks from the remainder of the deposit, after a few transactions.

Competitions arranged by the same dealing centers. After seeing how much money they make guys for two weeks, my eyes just get out on his forehead. The most important thing is that if such people exist, that a few people in the whole country, I do not know any of these tycoons, most bizarre with each new contest comes a pair of three new such super traders. Most of all, seeing is, you start to believe about the untold riches extracted in two weeks. Rushes into the market as the market fell and immediately punishes you.

Do not look for a mentor in the same forums, or ICQ. Often it is the usual windbags. Do not think that even a successful trader will tell you the direction the currency pair exchange rate, no one can predict the movement of the course for the future. Just lucky trader will operate its strategy no matter what his assumptions. Tough strategy is the key to success.

After several failures, do not throw everything on the floor toward the goal. Continuing work on his trade and will do well. The market is not something the average, or you are a professional or you are a loser.

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