The new generation of online currency trading is already very easy to do
Earlier, many of us went to the currency office or branch offices for currency operations, and we risked the physical cash flows of the currency pair to be traded. However, with the development of technology, we have now had the opportunity to quickly and easily access all of these operations online by connecting to international currency markets through the operating platforms.
In addition to desktops and laptops, together with the development of smartphone technology, you can connect to the market online and interact with your business on a regular basis through our mobile platforms, wherever we can access the Internet.

How do I start Forex with Dukascopy?
The only thing you need to do is to open a Dukascopy Forex account in one of the intermediary organizations that you want to run and deposit your account to your computer or mobile device by downloading the platform. Forex market if you are very new and have not yet operated. For the first time, we would like to get acquainted with this market and make important recommendations before operating. If you have just entered the market and have never made any transactions on the Forex market, the first step to learning this market should be to test yourself on the market by opening a Demo Account immediately. With the advantages of the lending system, you may be able to earn high returns on financial markets in a short period of time. In order to better manage risk management, to understand how the system works, to improve your skills and to deal with market dynamics, we recommend that you first run the Demo Account.
Forex, the world's largest financial market with a daily trading volume of 5.5 trillion Dollars, is also the world's most liquid market.
Variety of tools
Today, the Forex market consists of many different instruments, not just currency pairs, but in commodity and metal markets such as Gold, Silver, Oil, Sugar, Cotton, Stock Exchange - Dow Jones, Dax.
Advantage of credit lever
One of the major advantages of the forex market is the design of the transactions according to the Credit System. This factor offers high returns to operating investors. This opportunity allows you to realize a high value position with low security.

5/24 Investment Opportunity
One of the most important features of the Forex market is that it offers the ability to operate trades continuously for 5 days and 24 hours a day. Operations starting at 00:00 on Sunday night are continuing until 24.00 on Friday. Forex market does not have trading sessions during the day.
Deep Market and High Liquidity
One of the other significant advantages of the forex market is the high availability of marketable instruments. The Forex market, which has a great deal of depth, ensures high mobility in transactions with currency pairs. These high market prices eliminated the risk of manipulating prices.
Opportunity for two-way operation
Forex market makers can also open positions in both directions against the expectations that their currencies will rise or fall. One of the most important features that divides the Forex market from other markets is not only rising, but also giving you the chance to make money while pricing.

Low Costs
You will see significant differences in prices on an operating platform that mediates online trading with a currency pair in any currency office. The fall in operating prices, which is the difference between the buy and sell currency pairs, will also reduce the operating costs of the investors. Forex market traders have great advantages over their costs in terms of investing physically on the spot market.
Easy access to the market
The development of technology has accelerated the spread of electronic platforms among investors. We can now do business not only at home and at work, but also on the road, when sitting in a cafe or on vacation, to access the market anywhere we can connect to the Internet.
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