Almost 10 years ago i´m belong to theFOREX world´s, but I'm not a millionaire and I do not know anyone who became a millionaire with FOREX, I must say that when I began I thought that would be a millionaire in the next few years.

He he, the reality is that from the first year I started to make money selling courses and strategies, that is the real business of FOREX to earn quick money, learn to operate took me almost 5 years, but the hardest part is what at first it seems more difficult.

The money management cost me much more, not respected by the simple fact that he was not psychologically prepared to lose money, nobody is prepared for it, we all want to make money and protect it.

I had very good systems but not applied, 3 losses trade destroy my account for not following the rules.
Until one day raise me select the best strategies and adapt them had my profile.
Once this is done I chose a good strategy to money management and also suits my profile.

Starting with these strategies I improved my trading and today is that with fewer operations earned just get good performance.
which is the winning strategy? that is something very personal, although I have good analysis and good trading is difficult to share these analyzes to other traders, new and just want tickets are not interested in learning.

I can find exact points where the price is more likely to turn, however in a second that you can change and we must learn to act quickly, today I only share my analysis of levels, the rest is the work of every trader.

So then what is important is to know yourself, know how to act quickly and in the best way.
I must confess that neither fundamental analysis or technical analysis is accurate, the key is in managing capital, compound interest is the best indicator.
To begin with good risk only 1%, after getting good return up to 3%.
Should be used only 5% on large accounts, in effect the longer you keep operating 1% risk will be your best trading.

Then just depends on understanding the market, the key of each currency are their monetary policies and the development of the economy, which is reflected in the graph is the intention of the big players, do not try to predict, just follow them.

If you can follow'll always be on the side of the market, if you have really good timing always late movements of them,, follows the market for at least 6 months demo to decipher the movements of the big players.
That way when you're wrong you'll know why and quick to reverse your trading will act.
That's the key, but the most important thing is to always learning, greetings.
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