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How to my TA system give signal buy or sell.

The indicators used : ZigZag(12,5,3), MA(89), Ichimoku, Fibonacci Retracement.

Graphics used : 1H-4H-D-W chart. (good use for all TF)

Based on the last basic ZigZag chart (current trend), if it appears 1 or 2 consecutive candle connection into a bridge connecting from Fibo level 0% or 23.6% to 61.8% levels, reverse direction with the last trend, then the signal is (also known as H2 candles) Once there were candles H2 and the likely trend of the current zigzag has ended, and the market preparing to draw a new, backwards direction with zigzag current, correct probability is very high when combined with some indicator.

A number of conventions in the signal system H2 :
-Candles feedback called candles H2
-Candles H2 called bullish when it over both Kumo and MA
-Candles H2 called bearish when it under both Kumo and MA

Principles on the buy order when there is enough elements:
-Have the candles H2
-H2 over both Kumo and MA

Principles in order sell when there are enough elements:
-Have the candles H2
-H2 under both Kumo and MA

Good price Order Entry at Fibo 50% to 61.8%, SL Fibo 0%, TP Fibo 161.8%(exactly 90% hit), TP Fibo 261.8%(exactly 80% hit), TP Fibo 423.6%(exactly 70% hit), 100% it hit Fibo 100%

Example look at chart see results :

Pic UJ H1

Pic EU D1

Pic AU H4

Good trading Everyone.
Sorry for my English not good.
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