Isn't Forex just the greatest opportunity that you have come across to the world of wealth. Don't you dream of winning big

amounts of money,and here it is, the opportunity of gathering some starter capital for your trading career through the prizes

offered by Dukascopy,I pet you dream of winning every contest and getting every prize, wouldn't it be just awesome if that

happened . With the right amount of starting capital ,good strategy and good money management '' I would be a millionaire in

no time'' you might think . I just know . I know, not because I was there , but because I am there. But let's be rational along with

being ambitious.Let's be careful along with being optimistic. Only then we really can be millionaires and achieve our good


Here is what I think we should do. I advice you and myself not to let your behavior in trader contest affect your behavior

when trading live your own money . In the contest , you will have to leverage up your positions 1:30 or even more and if

it worked out for you , by mere luck, you might be tempted to try this kind of extremely high position sizes on your own

money , and if you did that you may pretty well blow up your account . Further more if you win in this contest or any other

contest any prize you will still need high leverage to meet the very high turnover requirements needed to claim the money.

So , do not let participating in such contests or trying to meet certain requirements, be the reason for you to get used to

bad habits in trading . Treat your own money in a far more careful way . And as for the prize do not get too excited if you

win anything , the money is not really yours....well not yet , and you still have either a very long road or a very dangerous

one to walk . you can calculate that for yourself what it would take you to turn every 100$ won into 2.5 M traded , if you

play it safely it might take up to five years,and if not the risk is too high to lose it altogether. Either way Dukascopy wins

for every 100$ given away about 500$ taken in commissions and spreads, and who can blame them it's BUSINESS .

That's all being said ,now all you have to do is to promise your self before participating in any contest no to let that affect

your own live trading account , and not to be too exited if you win because you might pretty well not be able to meet the

turn over requirements , before making a huge mistake of over leveraging a losing position or even worse a losing

streak . But why not give it a shot any way . Now promise your self and live up to that promise , then enjoy your time , and

happy contesting . And always remember NOTHING worth your blood pressure to go through the roof for .
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