Last week we have seen the break up of energy and also
we have talked about its efficiency in short. We will be looking at the broader
picture in this article. When we say “body produces energy”, the question
arises as to whether whole of this energy is produced within the body or
is there any external factor involved in the process?. When I say, 70% of the
energy is produced by the energy wheels, one may ask as to whether these wheels
produce the energy internally?.  Now let’s unfold the mechanism behind
this energy supply chain one by one.

Internal energy:

Food and liquid fall under this category as
intake of food and liquids produce energy within the body In the form of
protein, vitamin, glocuse etc……here the energy production takes place  within the body.

External Energy:

1. Breathing: Since we get
oxygen from the outside atmosphere we treat it as an external energy.

2. Cosmic energy – The Source of limitless

Space is involved in flooding the atmosphere with an abundant energy each and every second. This energy is called as “Cosmic energy”. This energy is not only powerful, but can be used to achieve whatever we want. Now let’s look at how cosmic energy is being supplied to our body. 

The cosmic energy enters the body through top
most energy wheel (chakra) and the energy gets penetrated through each wheel
and then the same is supplied to each of the organs associated with
specific wheel. Any blockage or disturbance in wheels creates blockage of
supply of this energy to each organs associated with specific wheel resulting
in stress and deceases. Hence, a trader for overall development and prosperity
has to ensure that,

 1. There is an uninterrupted supply of
cosmic energy to the wheels and,

 2. The wheels are active and not dormant.

How to achieve both of the above objectives? We
shall deal with it going forward in the series…

The Mind- Infinite
potential…… Infinite possibilities

As we hear very often, Mind and the body of a
trader are his greatest tools. Without these tools all other tools have no
relevance. Hence a trader has no other way, but to ensure that these tools
perform at their highest efficiency levels. 

Mind is the real first wonder of the
world!!.despite being an invisible entity, mind  remains the commander of
all human activities. Mind can create and mind can destroy. In summary we can
say men is what his mind is !!! 

this universe is mind. it can travel from New Delhi
to Geneva in
just one second! The BIGGEST ENTITY in this universe also
remains mind as the mind can be stretched to any extent since it has no
physical existence….it can be stretched even beyond this universe……

Mind is where the decisions are taken. Since a
trader is involved in taking decisions consistently, mind remains focal point
of his overall activity. The trader’s entire decision taking process can be
divided in to 2 elements.

 1. Where and when to open a position.

 2. Where and when to close a position.

The prosperity or bankruptcy, the elevation or
downfall, success or failure .......these entirely depend upon how efficiently
and how effectively he takes the above 2 decisions. Since a trader has to
take effective and efficient decisions, the efficiency of his decisions are the
factors of the efficiently of his mind at the point of taking decisions.


When we are born, we are born
with infinite potentials. Through education, upbringing, and wrong
beliefs and through conflicting and contradictory experiences we reduce that
infinite possibilities to limited possibilities….to understand what I have
stated here, we need to first look at the dimensions of the mind. From dimension
point of view, we have 2 types of minds.

 1, Conscious mind called as ( “CHILD MIND”) and

 2. Subconscious mind Called as (“MOTHER MIND “)

To keep the subject simple for understanding,
the conscious mind is like the desktop and the subconscious
mind is like the drives installed in our computer system.

Now, what we use for day -to-day activities/decisions is our conscious mind and like desktop it has limited capacity whereas the subconscious mind which is like the drives has immense capacity and it can work at highest levels and can handle any tasks. Unfortunately what we use is hardly 1-2% and maximum of 4% of this subconscious mind and rest 96% is always dormant! That means even the best of the best brainy in this world uses maximum of 4% of this giant capacity. 

Let’s put it down to an equation…

Let the “0” be subconscious mind (“MOTHER”) and let the "1"
be conscious mind (“CHILD”),

Subconscious mind remains nothing as long as we
keep the “0” (“MOTHER”)
behind “1” (“CHILD”)

01, 001, 0001,

Indeed, being the child in the front, we are
asking for the trouble many a times as depicted below!!!

Once we start putting the mother in front of the
child, the game changes dramatically. 

Lets put “0” (“MOTHER”) in the front and “1” (“CHILD”) behind. Now look at what happens!!

10.....100....1000.10000....1000000.100000000000…1000000000, 1000000000000000000


Hence it is essential that, as a trader we make
use of this 96% capacity lying dormant to achieve the desired results.

The problem lies here. We try to execute all our tasks from conscious mind which has limited capacity. Since conscious mind has limited capacity ,when  we load it with more tasks though it, it creates immense stress and it may crash as well.Imagine installing all your program files on the desktop and then trying to run software’s on it….Don’t you think crashing of the system is round the corner?  

What we see , what we use everyday is a child...most of us throughout our life don't realize that there is a  subconscious mind....subconscious mind is big.....bigger...biggest. More...more and more...more...more..........infinite.......That's why mind has limitless possibilities…….

Hence the right way to do is, putting files of minimal size on the desktop and then putting all programming and large files on drives….That results in achieving highest efficiency. Subconscious mind which is like drives is as big as mountain….as big as space… big as universe….you can put any number of files…still there will be trillions of GB of free space .It can perform at the speed of light….It can retrieve any file within no time….. 


Unfortunately we are blocking the cosmic energy,
the supply 
Source of 70% of overall energy, from entering in to our body/wheels. What is the obstacle then? It is thought...congestion of thoughts. How? 

We are involved in experiencing this world each
and every second. Some experiences go according to
our expectations and some of them go against our expectations. The
one which goes according to our expectations results in positive vibrations and
the one which goes against our expectations results in Negative vibrations and
both of them gets stored in our subconscious mind. Accumulation of these 2
types of forces results in  congestion of vibrations and in turn the
congested vibrations create friction within our mind .Frictions in turn create waves.
Resulting waves not only causes mental disturbances, it also blocks cosmic
energy from entering inside our mind/wheels.

Once Buddha was walking to a village with his disciples. As they were approaching a river, they saw a beautiful lady who needed some one’s help to cross the river as the flow of the river was heavy... Buddha took her on his shoulder, crossed the river and dropped her on the other side .Lady conveyed her gratitude and continued her journey. Buddha also continued his journey with disciples. However all disciples were upset. After sometime Buddha could sense that and asked.” My friends, why are  you people looking so much dull and down?”. 

One of the disciples said: “Lord. All of us got and shocked when you carried that lady on your shoulder. Being a Monk how can we imagine touching a lady? We are highly concerned and worried.


We, as traders also carry a load called "Past” and "Future" on our shoulders. Majority of our issues start from this load. For a trader to attain overall trading prosperity dropping this load is indispensable...


My best wishes to Dukascopy Team  and all
of you for the year 2012.

Let the year of 2012
be year of spreading love...

Let the year of 2012
be year of spreading abundant happiness...

Let the year of 2012
be year of abundant prosperity



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