Every Trader wish to have a sound health ,body and psyche so that he can lead a successful trading, personal and social life. However the physical and mental stress arising out of trading activity is so high that, most of the traders struggle to balance their life in reality.

Trading by nature is a stressful job. If there is any industry in which the decisions have to be taken at the speed of light, it is the trading industry. One has to be extra cautious to ensure that he is a consistent winner. In Forex market ....the acute competition, wide variety of instruments available for trading, availability of mass number of indicators, compulsion to be ahead of others, the money involved, the high volatality,changing dynamics of supply and demand.....all these create  immense pressure on the trader both physically and mentally. Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE Corporation once said “Behind every change, there is an opportunity”. Extending this statement we can say “Behind every opportunity, there is a stress”.

It is essential that a successful trader is also a successful family man and a successful social person. He has to ensure that in pursuit of wealth, he does not compromise his health, family and social life. Stress has become the most debated subject in today's competitive world.

Now the question is, “Are there any ways in which a trader can balance all these aspects and lead a cheerful life? What are the real causes for the stress and how they work? How to tackle them? Can we achieve what we desire without causing any damage to our physical and mental health?


The answer

Yes. There is an answer to all of the above questions. A Trader can achieve what he wants without misbalancing his body and mind.

We shall unfold each aspect of this subject one by one. Since it is impossible to cover all of them in one article, I have decided to cover them in parts under the current series. Also, do note that it is a very vast subject and hence for me it will not be possible to go in-depth in to each of the points to be dealt in this article. In such case, I will be referring to the links where you can get more info on that particular point.

Details mentioned in these articles are universal truths coming out of years of experimentation and research by our ancestors and now with scientifically proven evidences. Though they apply to all aspects of life, I will be looking at them from the perspective of a trader, especially a Forex Trader. All of them are practical and not just remain a theory. If practiced consistently over the period of time, they are going to bring in large benefits to a trader in all aspects of his trading career.


To ensure that all traders, especially the one who are at the beginning stages, are fully equipped with the tools required to tackle both mental and physical stress arising out of trading activity and lead a composed and balanced life.

Core belief:

There are abundant resources available in the nature for every one and a trader equipped with the knowledge of how to tap those resources, achieves the desired success without stress.


 Energy - Untapped abundant resources

More often we hear that body and the mind are the best tools ever available to the trader. Hence it is essential that we keep both of them in extreme good conditions to achieve trading success in the long run as well get maximum out of whatever life has to offer.

A trader needs 10 times more energy than his colleagues in other business as a trader is dealing with money each and every second as well he is consistently involved in taking decisions....

To attain the desired trading success through Body and mind, one needs to have plenty of energy i.e: Mental and physical energy.

Here it is pertinent to note that energy is noting but a resource.

The most fundamental factor which traders fail to understand is that there is an abundant resources available in the nature for every one. Hence the only thing a trader needs to do is tap those resources to achieve desired success. When I say “abundant”, it means “Unlimited”.

The best evidence to prove this point is the case of Mr.Soichiro Honda, the Founder of Honda Corporation. The world war, recession, natural calamities….Not once, but twice.... Honda shops were bombed and burnt to ashes. Again one more new factory was destroyed due to earthquake. and reduced to mere rubles. Still,today Honda remains not only the king of road but also gives employment  to 30,000 people.

Having said that, it is important to note that we need to respect the nature and be ethical in whatever we do. We should not try to manipulate the nature. In turn, as a reward nature gives back unlimited resources.Unfortunate to hear that last month some one bought clicks in pursuit of winning this contest .Such action leads to manipulation of nature.

If there are unlimited resources available for every one on this planet, why is there any need to manipulate the nature? Why is there any need to fight? Quarrel? Complain?

Well, unfortunately most of the traders are unaware of the real sources of supply of energy to human kind!!!You definitely won’t like me stating that!

We all believe that food is the only source of energy. Isn’t it? Fair enough. Now let me try to clear the clouds…

 Here we go........The real sources of energy and their share of contributions…

Sources of enegy-unrealised truth

Food -10%

Breathing -20%

7 -Energy wheels (Chakra's) -70%

To know more details about Chakras click here. 

Now let’s break those 3 supply sources to analyze the efficiency of supply.

1. Food: Due to intake of unhygienic, junk and contaminated food, the 10% share of original supply is further reduced.

2. Breathing: The standard breathing cycle (One inhale and one exhale refers to one breathing cycle) is 4-5 per minute whereas actually our breathing cycle remains 15-20 per minute in . This non compliance to the set standards again reduces the original 20% share of supply substantially.

3.Seven Wheels: Now we know each wheel produces 10% and together they supply 70% of the total energy. However most traders remain unaware of this fact throughout their lifetime and the 70% supply remains untapped .It is a fact that biggest supply of energy remains unrealized for most of the traders/individuals.

Now we have cracked one of the problems. Now the question is "How to make effective utilization of these dormant resources”. I will cover this part as we move on in this series.

Continuing the series, next week I will cover the subject “mind and its dimensions from trading perspective"

Till then have a nice time to all of you......

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