I want to talk about an situation that majority of traders deal with,and that is the possible lines of credit and also margin use.

I think one of the most important things to have among technical skills in trading that means a good strategy involving the margin use and also strategic points of buying and selling, is having a certain level of funds to trade .

Why having funds is so important to be a successful trader in currency markets ?

Because they provide the space need to your pairs to breed for example if you use 5% to 10% of your required margin and you have a account with like 100 000 Usd and you are a stable trader with a secure plan of trading that means never over-leverage your trades, and you have an realistic expectation of 5% to 20% of monthly profits, you will be making 10.000 to 20,000 per month and that is much comfortable in the markets because you make money that is enough for you to have a comfortable life and less stressed about possible profits .

In my opinion currency trading can be much less risky than stocks and other type of assets, if you have a correct plan and that is because in general currencies don`t move more than 300 pips a day and the rebound way up or way down is more obvious than stocks that are based on the reports of the companies that are not always that predictable .

Skills are needed but there other factors like having funds available to be use ,that why majority of big institutional corporations tend to have solid profits and low risk economic plans,because they have funds available to manage all their assets in controlled way .

Like buying any product or investing in any asset on credit ,for like a house if you requested the double of the money required to buy the house you will have enough time to pay it monthly fees and still have to time to sell the house is main time make a profits.

All assets i think is question of money management and again having funds to do all investments in a secure way,knowing from a fact that of them involve natural risk but they can be controlled in positive way .

Best luck to all of us and happy new year!

Thanks and best wishes.

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