Dear Valuable Reader,

Me and each one of you should take attention for some few points to reach the successful trading, Specially If you are not a full-time trader. I am working in a company for 8 hours daily, have no proper time to analysis and to get the best from the forex market! In the beginning of my forex journey I asked myself a lot of questions, Like: What should I do to organize myself? Are there a difference between a part-time forex trader and a full-time one? What kind of trading style should I use? short-term or long-term trading? What is the best for me? and If I use both, What should I do?

Thus one can be a part-time trader on both a long term and a short term basis, but with different options available, and differing approaches being necessary. A part-time short term trader must follow a purely technical approach and apply money management methods with rigor and discipline. In this case the time of entry does not matter that much, but we should avoid periods of high volatility. As such, the part time trader would probably thrive when the market is calmer, trading is subdued, and technical factors dominate, a scenario that is most often encountered towards the closing hours of the market.

A long term part-time trader, on the other hand, must choose the time for entry into the market very carefully. Since a position held on the long term requires strong conviction and analysis, it is crucial that a period of deep and thorough analysis precede the actual trading action. The advantage of fundamental, long-term trading is in its greater potential for very significant rewards, and also for reduced risk, contrary to common assumptions. A long trader must use low leverage since he is going to keep his position dormant for a long time, and to have it survive volatility, which makes potential losses smaller.

So you have to decide now?


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