• Introduction
In my view relax mind in trading is very important for success in trading. Trading is not the type of work where you work more and you will get more profits. In this article I will point to the causes of "burnout" of the trader, the impact of market stress and subjective (sometimes inadequate) response from the trader; causes of fatigue, overtrading, tilt, inability to admit a mistake, violation of own trading rules etc. I will mainly focus on how a trader can be relaxed while trading the market.

As a trader, you must be familiar with the situation: you took position with indicator signal. The price starts to go in your favor - but then something strange happens. The price slips your against your entry point and rushes sharply in the opposite direction. If you don’t put stop-loss, immediately a thought appear: "well, maybe the price will come back?". You are now riveted to the terminal, sweating, your heart palpate. Price meanwhile goes to your pain threshold and you curse everything in the world. And then, lo and behold, in half an hour (half day) price shot to original position. There comes a sense of calm.

Let's look at this situation statistically. What happens if we regularly act on such a strategy (which is actually the strategy), i.e., outstay losses and cut profits, closing at the entry point? What if comes a time when the price does not return to the initial level.
  • Are you stressed?
Well, the main thing in this story, in addition to the large hypothetical loss, we got a real stress: the nerves are stretched, time is lost in vain. So recognize your own mistakes - although not easy. In the future, we can take it a rule - first to put a stop, and then go into the position, then this dreadful situation will not be repeated from time to time.

Stress leads to the emergence of muscle clips in the body, the market hits us and it is a natural reaction of the body. This is true, but our response is designed for one-time effects, we do not sprinters on the market, and marathon runners, long-distance runners. Therefore, this reaction leads to the accumulation of fatigue and haggard.

  • What are the causes of fatigue?
Forex market is open 24 hours a day. You are working more than long hours per day. Especially with "homework": analysis of currency, analysis of own transactions. In this mode if you work 15-16 hours of the trading session, you cannot work effectively. As the saying goes, "They Shoot Downtrodden Horses".
Another interesting psychological observation: for example, after long standing in traffic jams, we used to drive with much higher speed than usual. This function is automatic compensation from the body. At the market, this is reflected in the intuitive trade, overtrading after receiving the "moose" or a series of "moose" - losing trades.

Market is a river, where we sit with a fishing rod and catch a fish. And the fish - it is existential being - it either exists or it does not exist at the moment in this place. Manically throwing bait does not work.

That's the next time you want to "win back" - remember the story of cork, about the fact that it is not conscious, not a constructive solution to add speed, and unnecessary and harmful reflex stereotype.

  • Are you trying to win Back fast if yes then you are on tilt.
Now consider this phenomenon in trading and in life as a tilt(term mainly used in Poker). Tilt - this is an unresponsive state (like aggression), in which a person fully falls under the influence of the market. During tilt trader can make a lot of meaningless transactions or, conversely, to sit "on all shoulders" in a position against the market. Tilt happens not only for beginners, but also sufficiently experienced traders. Danger of Tilt is that people are generally not aware that he is in it. Realizing "abnormality" of the condition can help.

Take a tilt break. Keep piece of paper next to the terminal, counts the number of times you broke the rules. If you violate own rules more than three times, close the trading and close the terminal. Stopping the trade would save much more money than losing.

There can be another way to escape the tilt: fully automated trading and not "tied" with manual trading.
Simple rule: do not endure the losses the next day saves a lot of money. If you are not able to kill a "moose" - close at least half of a losing position. (And then another half &hellip.

Well, the important thing to recognize tilt, without help, you will be constantly in a state of relaxation: then the state of tilt will not be uncomfortable. How to achieve relaxation is described later in this article.

  • So Relax. Here is How?
The times of stress is in the forced operation of the brain and the body, so when you caught it, the first task is to calm down and relax. The brain and body are interconnected, so the relaxation of the muscles and the brain will translate into a quiet state.

Traps with relaxation are that you cannot relax your muscles and jaws, of course, if you are not a yogi with a decade of experience . Fortunately, there is such an effective method: to relax a particular muscle or muscle group, you can pre-stretch them for a few seconds and release.

Some of the question: "how to relax?" When I do not strain?. This is a fallacy, and relaxation is necessary to alternate periods of stress. A man who "is not strained," or the whole day, "did not do anything and tired" - tired of idleness. This is also an important task for the trader - the self-organization.

So, which of trader’s muscles need relaxation the most?
First of all, it is the muscles of the neck. Playing badminton perfectly relaxes the muscles of the neck. In general, half an hour or an hour of badminton is much more interesting and gives a far greater effect than to sit and nod your head like a Chinese idol.

Next are the muscles of the face. Useful exercise is to "pull faces". You can pull faces to the market. Another very powerful relaxation of facial muscles gives yawning. Suffice is to yawn several times and feel a very deep relaxation of the face.

The exercises for the whole body - this is again to alternate stresses of different muscles for a short time. Excellent effect gives sipping. Also useful is rocking chair. If you do not have a rocking chair from Ikea, the rocking can be replaced by a bear (from foot to foot) walk.

Good idea - to pick up a rhythmic music that you like, and do the exercises with it.

A hot bath in the evening before going to bed, douche in the morning, swimming pool, swimming - everything is very good and at the same time relaxing. Gymnastics is useful, but does not give sufficient relaxation of the back muscles.

Walk in the fresh air is also very helpful in relaxing.

Referring to the workplace of the trader: anxiety and nervousness occur if the room a lot of dust or trash. It is must to do the cleaning and put an ionizer and humidifier. Also, the trader should give up caffeine. Caffeine causes the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.

In general, stress - it's just a habit.

Instead develop the habit of relaxation. It will take two weeks of daily exercise which I have described above. I hope that by reading this article, you will realize the importance of relaxation, as well as what specific steps to take to get from long-term stress.
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