Your investment sum, the investment period, and the risk that you will face ... Before you choose a financial instrument, you need to consider these three factors. Choosing the most appropriate financial instrument for the various fluctuations in financial markets, experience and revenue expectations is your first step in the investment world. When directing your individual investment, you can always use asset management professionals to identify the most appropriate financial instrument for your investment approach.
Forex (FX)
In comparison with other financial markets, the FOREX market has many advantages. Opportunity to trade through lending, lack of speculative transactions, ability to trade 24/7 on a weekly basis make the FOREX market attractive for market participants. Among those traded in this market include currency pairs, commodities, difference agreements, stock and stock indices. FOREX is included in a highly profitable financial instrument group.
Commodities (CMDTs)
Along with covering energy products such as commodities, precious metals, metals such as silver, copper and steel, agricultural products such as wheat and corn, petroleum gas, many financial instruments such as wooden products, food products, chemicals and raw materials combine. You can earn a lot of money by investing long-term investment in commodities that are traded as trading products. At a point where currency is diminished, you can trade in commodities by reducing your risk.
Futures (FUTRs)
These contracts, which are traded on organized exchanges and the term market transactions, have high liquidity. Futures that allow you to carry out transactions with lower costs than lending support are an affordable tool for market participants who want to be protected from risks.
Stock Markets (ETFs)
Funds are traded on the stock exchange. Because you have a moderate risk and income level, you can invest in stock funds by distributing your risk.
Funds (FUNDs)
The more you share your funds in the investment funds, the more you can have it. One of the major advantages of the investment funds is to make the earnings a comfortable cash flow. It is also a good financial tool for sorting your investment portfolio.
Stocks (STCSs)
Stocks are highly liquid securities, which provide the right to participate in a company's ownership and management, including the midship risk group. Other advantages of the stock are exchanges and easily convertible to cash.
Notes (NOTEs)
Notes are the securities included in the low risk group. Because of the high liquidity in these securities, market participants make short-term investments in this financial instrument. Notes include many advantages, such as earnings and tax deduction, without waiting for the end of the term.
Bonds are used in the effective management of an investment portfolio as a long-term financial instrument. It is possible to get revenues from change of bonds without waiting for the end of the term.
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