It is a dream for more than a thousand traders all over the world
every month to win Dukascopy demo trading contest. Duka evaluation points play a
significant role after pips and equity in deciding the final ranks. Equally the
guidelines have importance in real trading success .so I investigated on duka
evaluation points and how they are affecting the rankings. here is my report

I, provide my understanding and my analysis on dukascopy
evaluation points. My intention is to bring this topic to limelight so its
importance in demo trading contest and in real trading be realized and
understood properly. I request my co participants and    the expert traders   to share their opinions on this topic.

I took the stats from September (from here, duka reduced
evaluation points to 50)& I left September month winner cause that months winner
did exceptional performance...duka awarded him some extra points. I left the Jan
&fib  winners conditional order part
(the reason below)

I think everyone knows  
how dukascopy evaluation points are calculated

Here is the link ""

Notice that duka says not to take the evaluation points as a
measure of  participants trading

Analysis of dukascopy demo trading contest winners with
respect to   dukascopy evaluation

Some conclusions;

Avg dukascopy evaluation points gained by top traders is

Avg proportion of duka points in total points is 15.77%

 Max draw down ranges from 
8.63 to 82.63…avg is about  29.87

Avg pip gain ranges from 24 to 134   avg is 65.63

Avg pip lost ranges from  
-20 to -167  avg is -60.5

%conditional orders range from  44 to 82 avg is  66.6

Winloss ratio ranges from 48 to 91 avg is 68.1

Though the  duka
points largely depend on one’s own style of trading and system they  are executing..and vary  from winner to winner,  the avg stats helps you to roughly estimate
where you stand in the crowd with respect to duka points.

Many traders  have
doubts on how the points are being calculated and awarded .here is the most
probable way ,


(thanks furion for your efforts)

Some bugs and tweaks with respect to duka points that had effect over
dukascopy evaluation points

I bring these issues here cause they had impact on dukascopy
points  and in good hope that it may help
duka team in their continuing efforts to make the contest  unbiased

1)Whatever the program it be ,its common that few bugs be
found in the course of is with jforex contest platform, there is bug
where  a kind of market order is taken as
conditional order

Here  I raised the topic ""

Few traders used it to get some advantage including the Jan &
Feb. winners

2)There is  a probable
area to tweak .avg loss of pips.. if there is big avg loss of pips ,few
traders  are creating orders intentionally
with small stop loss so the avg loss of pips will get reduced.

Though above said bug/tweaks  may not impact ones score  drastically,but that can make difference
between place 1 & 2.

Forget about  the contest do they help in real trading..

Simple answer is yes.. definitely they do..

It does not matter whatever you follow  as long as you get descent realistic profit.
But in the long run its the discipline and money management that  make one to get profits consistently  .I believe keeping one’s self to trade along
these lines automatically induces the discipline and good money management

Each category itself explains its importance, I will say few lines about each category ,so it may help the novice..

Conditional orders;

Conditional orders help 
one to protect the capital and lock in the profit. So  they form important role in the concept of
‘trade the plan’.

Max draw down;

Keeping the draw down to minimum is necessary to succeed in
the long run. .here the mantra is keep   the risk to minimum..this parameter  reflects your money management, asks you to have good mm

Avg pip gain &loss and win ratio;.

These three constitute soul of one’s trading
plan..if avg pip gain /loss is big then a low win ratio is enough to make you
profitable and vice versa.

a good win/ratio and big avg pip gain and low avg pip loss
together  indicate a sound trading plan.


A better understanding of the contest will  better the chances of winning..and following guidelines
in a view to get advantage in real trading with good understanding, instead of
blindly aiming to get them(evaluation points)is necessary. A good  trade plan itself contains  a good number of duka evaluation points

thanks for reading

wish you a good luck in your endeavors to get success.


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