Terms and conditions



Users post stories about their hobbies or any other engagements in extreme sports. The submitted works can be in form of text, picture or video. The contest is held 4 times a year:

  1. January 1st – end of March
  2. April 1st – end of June
  3. July 1st – end of September
  4. October 1st – end of December


The objective is to share a most fascinating and extraordinary story about your experience in different kinds of extremal activity, which shows your involvement and love to active lifestyle. The winner will be chosen according to the number of invoked votes and Dukascopy staff opinion.


The contest is open to anyone older than 18; the prizes can be credited to the ones eligible for opening LIVE account with Dukascopy.


The winner will be awarded with 2500 USD. 2nd place will receive 2000 USD, and the third prize amounts to 1500 USD.


We will choose the winners among the 10 most popular submitted works.

Prize transfer

Prizes are credited to the owner's trading sub-account not linked to any Business Introducer in the name of Participant with Dukascopy.

If Participant does not have a live account with Dukascopy, then he/she should proceed to the live account opening procedure in a regular way. If Participant does not comply with live account opening requirements, Dukascopy reserves the right to cancel the cash prize.

Save contrary and valid preliminary written instruction of the Participant, Dukascopy converts the prize(s) into the currency of the sub-account on which the prize(s) shall be credited in application of the present “Prizes and Awarding Rules”. Such conversion is subject to fees as per the fee schedule posted on Dukascopy Bank’s website.

The contest winners may withdraw their cash prizes and the profits generated from their cash prizes on their respective sub-accounts after meeting the minimum turnover requirement. The minimum turnover requirement constitutes 2.5 million USD for every 100 USD won in the contest.

Participants are allowed to withdraw funds in full only when there are no blocked prizes on the account. Profit can only be withdrawn when there are no blocked prizes on the account.

If there are both blocked and unblocked prizes:

  • participants are only allowed to withdraw the sum of unblocked prizes;
  • only the positive difference between equity and sum of blocked funds can be withdrawn;
  • the sum of withdrawn funds can't exceed the sum of unblocked funds.

LIVE accounts which are credited with prize money are considered LIVE Prize accounts. LIVE Prize accounts can be credited only with cash prize money. Clients are not allowed crediting their own funds on this type of account.

Multiple entries

Multiple submissions by a single participant are forbidden unless they are of different type. E.g. you can submit picture, video and text. Note that one cannot submit 2 or more pictures, etc. If this rule is violated we either choose the least popular of the submitted works or exclude the user entirely.

Other rules and policies

We expect participants to be reasonable with what they post. The “Code of conduct” shall not be violated. Dukascopy reserves the right to disqualify a Participant, to change the Contest rules, requirements and awards, without prior notice and at any time and at its sole discretion..
Please avoid the following topics when creating and submitting your works:

  • Pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Racism or sexual discrimination
  • Hate speeches
  • Shocking & disgusting content
  • Unlawful acts
  • Infringements of intellectual property
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Violation of privacy

COPYRIGHT ATTENTION: Please be especially careful with the use of 3rd party materials for your submitted works. The submitted works should be created exclusively for the Dukascopy ExtremeContest by the same person who submits it for the Contest. All the legal risks lie solely with the participant. Although Dukascopy experts examine submitted works for infringement of intellectual property, the Company does not take any responsibility whatsoever for participants violating the intellectual property laws.The contestants that do not respect copyright might be banned from the Dukascopy Community forever.

For feedback, questions and comments please send an email.