Dear friends!

Welcome to the 5th day of my Art Marathone!

Today I want to offer you an unusual game. Be warned that this game can grab you for more than one night. But it is better if you manage to captivate playing with someone else. So it will be even more interesting.

So, you will draw words, but you should draw them in the abstract. Select any word or concept and try to draw it without using any symbols. You cannot draw anything specific. For example, if you draw the word "prickly" - you have to do without the hedgehog, if paint the word "wet" - there are no characters in the form of drops!

Select any five words and draw them: each one on a separate sheet. You can play with the color, use different prints, put blots, making soft fill or dry strokes. And then arrange a guessing game with a friend. He must guess your word.

Try to guess mine now!

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